Aqualung Pro QD Appealing to a Wide Range of Divers


We just try to share some user reviews experience regarding aqualung pro qd from the online shop, Hopefully can help you to choose the best scuba gear that wide range of divers.

The aqualung pro qd works great though it is very conservative in nitrogen tissue absorption rates (it’s trying to keep you very safe). Be sure to read the directions so you can better navigate the computer settings and review your dive logs. I would recommend for any technical dives. A good, inexpensive set up for a beginner diver who’s getting into the sport but wants to have their own equipment. The BCD has a fully integrated weight system with quick release buckles. The straps are fully adjustable and tailorable for your body type. The pockets have two zippers allowing for ease of access to any stored equipment. The only small problem is the cylinder strap, it can come loose if you don’t pay close attention to endure you really wrench down the strap.

Bought this aqua lung dive package because I was tired of renting gear from the local dive shop every time I wanted to dive. I have used it for three dives and down to 60 feet and it has performed flawlessly. I am very impressed with the features on the BCD and how it is very easy to maintain buoyancy with BCD. I also like some of the small features on the BCD like the pocket for the octopus regulator and the pocket for the dive computer and pressure gauge console. These pockets make you very streamlined when diving in the kelp forests so you don’t get caught on any loose equipment. I also like the large storage pockets and the built in billets to attache your dive knife so it is secure and easy to reach with either hand. The BCD is also very nice looking and stylish.

The I300 dive computer has also really impressed me with it full features and ease of use. The thing that has impressed me the most about this package is the quality of the second stage regulator. It has a flow feature that saves air and it also is very fluid when breathing through it which make breathing very relaxed with this regulator. All in all a great package. I like it so much that I bought a second one for my son and he also is very happy with it. The sizing does run large so make sure you use the sizing chart. I normally where an extra large but the large fit me perfectly. Great buy and great quality.

Just getting into the sport, got in 7 dives this last weekend and have about 15 more scheduled over the next month and I love it!! I was kind of nervous about just hooking everything up and going with it, but everything worked perfectly!! My instructor has a way more expensive setup but all my numbers were right where his were when we were next to each other. The regulator set up works great. No issues at all after 10 dives, but have noticed some corrosion around the DIN/yoke coupling (which may have been my fault).

You can get the gear here. Cheers!!

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