Bonaire vs Cayman which The Best Places for Scuba Diving In the Caribbean ?

squid Scuba Diving in Bonaire

Looking for best places for scuba diving in the Caribbean? Scuba diving is one interesting sport that combines fun, swimming, diving, and nature in a sport. This activity needs best deep water view which always makes people  Some places claim that they have what people need, but to know if the place is best place for scuba dive, you better check this out!

Scuba Diving in Bonaire

Scuba Diving in Bonaire HD Pictures

For you who want to enjoy real nature, why you have to go to Caribbean? This place offer Bonaire for you. This place is best places for scuba diving in the world and perfect for you who love outdoor adventure plus gorgeous deep water view.  Reason why people like to scuba dive in Bonaire is this place offer continuous coral reef begins only yards from shore.

coral reef Cayman Islands scuba diving

People can dive from yellow stones on the coastal road along the leeward coast. But, wait, you can also take a boat and visit may sites to Klein Bonaire Islands to enjoy more deep sea views. Bonaire also ever gained #1 ranking in best Shore Diving, Snorkeling and Value and Marine Life in this year’s Top 100.

Gorgeous View of Cayman Islands

The other great site for dive that you should visit in Atlantic and Caribbean region is Cayman Islands. Cayman ever gained #1 Best Destination Overall. People always can find beautiful view in deep water of Cayman Island. This place is never disappointed people who try to find love of nature and gorgeous corals and fishes that would never found in other places.

Cayman scuba diving

Which the best of them, do you ?

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