Bunaken Indonesia Dive Sites: World Top 10 Best Dives Destination

Exotic indonesia dive sites are so many and varied. Starting from Sabang, Bangka Belitung, Karimun Jawa, Kalimantan, Bali, Sumbawa, Komodo Island, Wakatobi, Labengki, Ambon, Bintan, Bunaken, Raja Ampat and many others.

Is Diving an enjoyable sport activity ? Actualy diving isn’t only good for health, but also to calm the mind and inner satisfaction. Professional diver from Florida: Arthur Hamilton said, you have not seen the world if you have not dived in the ocean floor.

Indonesia is the most beautiful country with thousands islands, in an archipelago that lies between two continents and oceans from the tip of Sumatra island to Papua island. Surrounded border between the South China Sea, Malaysia, Andaman Sea, Singapore, and the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and Australia. Marine and ocean! Huge blue ocean that perfect to dive!

Bunaken Indonesia Dive Sites

I’ll try to give you some reviews one of the best indonesia dive sites : Bunaken

Bunaken Island, the which is located in North Sulawesi, usually we going there using domestic airline from Jakarta the ( Capital of Indonesia ), the plane can be reached directly from Jakarta to Manado ( capital of North Sulawesi ) for 3 hours. For about 30 minutes from the Manado using the motor boats, pass the mountain Manado Tua, you can see Immediately Bunaken Island. Bunaken Island national marine park has famous in the world with an area of over 75,000 hectares, the which is divided by 3 percent land and 97 percent of the oceans, Including the Bunaken Marine Park.

Bunaken crowned as one of the best diving destinations in the world by One travel magazine in the UK in the article entitled: “World Top 10 Best Dives Bunaken Marine Park Destination”. The award was not excessive Because The Bunaken Marine Park was established in 1991, is surrounded by five islands within namely the island of Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Siladen Island, Island Mantehage, following some small islands, and the island Naen, that the overall number has 29 point dive (dive spot) was fantastic!

Sea Turtle Bunaken Diving Spot

What the special of Bunaken

Bunaken Island is one of the best sot for scuba diving indonesia, the island the which has a marine biodiversity or biodiversity in the world. Bunaken Marine Park itself is a protected marine park Because there are a variety of plants and animals that are protected for the benefit of fisheries and marine, and of course tourism.

There are fifty-eight species of coral and 2,000 species of fish in the Bunaken Marine Park. Among These fish: Lolosi Tail Yellow (Lutjanus kasmira), Ila Gasi (Scolopsis bilineatus), grouper (Epinephelus spilotoceps Pseudanthias hypselosoma), Riding Gusumi (Hippocampus), Oci White (Seriola rivoliana),  species of molluscs such as giant clam (Tridacna gigas) , Goats head (Cassis cornuta), hollow Nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), and many more. In addition, many rare marine animals that can be found in the park, like whales, dolphins, coelacanths, dugongs, and sea turtles.

Top 10 Bunaken Scuba Diving Indonesia

No time off seasons, anytime we can dive in Bunaken. Although According some of divers the best time for diving in Bunaken is in May and June. At times like that you are greeted by a clear sea water and warm (air temperature of 26 degrees Celsius-31 degrees Celsius). Calm sea water almost without waves and currents, with a visibility of 20 meters-35 meters, allowing Clearly I can see the charm of coral reefs and colorful fish with a depth of only 5 meters! The depth of the dive in Bunaken between 5 meters and 40 meters.

Activities prohibited by the local government and Nature Conservation in the Park is fishing, felling trees and damaging the marine ecosystem by a fine of up to $ 200 USD and a maximum of 10 years in prison. Hopefully it can Become official regulations are adhered to by the locals, especially for the visitors.

World Top 10 Best Dives Bunaken Marine Park Destination

Diving in Bunaken is a special trip. See underwater scenery Provides Considerable international experience. We will see and feel how the dive location ramps rich coral reefs, fish species such as fish Nemo (clown fish), fish school, and group of colorful fish.

At depths greater than 18 meters, you will experience diving in the sea cliffs (wall diving), as if we were flying in the depths of the abyss (drop-off) that seems without basis. Occasional can meet with a giant turtle that supposedly was nearly 100 years old, manta rays (manta, sting and eagle rays), snapper, grouper, barracuda, napoleon wrasse, angel fish, blow fish, blue ribbon eels, lobster, until the sharks !

Another important thing to note is that we should be in good health as smoking asthma, heart disease, epilepsy, and diabetes, as well as mentally healthy, and throw away the panic and thoughts of all sorts. Can not swim? Do not worry. If you think you can not dive Because they can not swim, you are mistaken. Precisely when you can “sink”, then you can dive! Let the sea levels rose slowly through your mask and body slowly sinking from the surface of the sea, and still breathe normally! Furthermore, the wonderful experience of a lifetime awaits you!

For the under water photographer be sure will not be disappointed with the chances to capture the spectacular marine photos. Also exciting berpotret ria in the sea, can forget about anxiety and fear. Diving can provide the most incredible feeling I have ever tasted and I would have remembered forever. Ready to try? Let’s jump into the sea and see the beauty of the natural deep blue sea!

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