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Dive Sites UK might not immediately spring to mind when thinking of exotic dive destinations of diving destinations in the world, the waters surrounding these ancient nations are something of a revelation. Hundreds of years of merchant seafaring have left a rich wreck heritage, the huge tidal ranges and exciting drift dives have to be seen to be appreciated, and fauna ranging from tiny seahorses to gigantic basking sharks all mean the underwater realm here is rich and exotic. The United Kingdom effectively occupy one of large islands off northwestern continental in Europe. Let’s talk about the destination bellow:

Dorset, Swanage Pier, at 4m deep, is a fantastic, novice-level shore site where no two dives will be the same. Take a trip to the Jurassic Coast a World Heritage Site and you’ll find dramatic, red cliffs preserving millions of years of natural history and surrounding some of the UK’s best dive sites. Weymouth and Portland offer both shore dives Chesil beach is a popular scuba diving training site with scuba diving certification and the M2 submarine and Aeolian Sky are both top wrecks to visit for more experienced divers.

Stoney Cove,  Freshwater fish such as pike and perch head the aquatic cast and there are enough underwater features to keep divers coming back time and again. Located in Leicestershire, in the UK midlands, Stoney Cove is the busiest inland dive site in the country and with good reason. This flooded quarry offers something for divers of all levels and is a favorite dive-training site.

Plymouth,  Several of the UK’s top shipwrecks are easily accessible by boat from here, including the James Eagan Layne, the Persier and the popular artificial reef. Closer to land, the Devil’s Point shore dive features a stunning wall stretching down to 40m. This buzzing city on the South coast of England has a strong naval and maritime presence, both above and below the water.

Cornwall, Invertebrates, including tube worms, anemones and sea urchins colonize the hard substrate, but keep your eyes open as encounters with basking sharks and holbox island whale sharks are a real possibility. In Cornwall, on the Lizard Peninsula at Porthkerris, there’s some excellent deep sea diving experience.  Handy beach entry gives access to a rocky reef close to shore, sheltered from the prevailing southwesterly winds.

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