Mola Mola Dive Season in Bali

Mola Mola Sunfish Bali Season

Mola Mola Dive Season in Bali, The perfect time to see Mola-Mola ( Sunfish ) in Bali. The Mola-Mola fish is one of the marvels of the sea around Bali. This giant fish weighing 1000 kg is the heaviest bony fish ever found. These huge, mysterious fishes live around Bali all year round, the best … Read more

Snorkeling in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta The Ancient Kingdom of Indonesia

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Yogyakarta or Jogja is the favorite travel destination in Indonesia, many local visitors or the foreigners visit this town. Besides Bali, Jogja becomes favorite destination especially for foreign tourists. As an ancient royal city in Indonesia, Jogja has a complete tourist attraction. The main attraction of this city is the ancestral culture of Mataram kingdom … Read more

How Big are Sea Horses, You Will Shocked Saw This Picture

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How big are Sea Horses? Pygmy Seahorse, the smallest sea horse in the world found in the oceans of Indonesia, it found in the waters of flores, sumba, is still in one region with the island of Komodo. The species of seahorse in the genus Hippocampus with characteristic short snout and long tail. The incridible … Read more

Fact Kauai Scuba Diving as The Hawaii Big Island to Dive

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While doing in kauai scuba diving, got to see dozens of green turtles, Moray eels, and huge schools of fish of various colours. One of the most awesome experiences. Such a beautiful island the mother island of all the Hawaiian Islands it’s peace on paradise. It was fantastic! If you’re not renting a car, do … Read more

Roatan Dive Resorts All Inclusive, The Paradise of honduras Scuba Diving

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  Roatan dive resorts is incredible.. Dive all around the island and feel the sensation  Utila honduras scuba diving. Roatan and Utila rank at the top of dive destinations in the Caribbean and both benefit from all sorts of tourism. If diving is not for you then you can snorkeling right off the beach in … Read more

Fast Growing Corals for Marine Conservation Projects


For fast growing corals these could be planted in areas where the sunlight conditions would be right, but the ocean would be cooler at higher latitudes than where they are dying out now, and start new coral reefs that might survive global warming. There is no way to predict global temperatures into the future that … Read more

Facts About The Great Barrier Reef Conservation

Facts great barrier reef conservation

Facts great barrier reef conservation: two thirds of the great barrier reef ruined, will be entirely dead by 2020?  The time to act was decades ago, far too late to do anything now? What a shame, if the most evolved and intelligent form of life on this planet willingly destroys its own home. Seems that … Read more

Coral Reef Conservation Internships for The Earth Future

Coral reef conservation internships under the sea sculptures

Coral reef conservation internships under the sea sculptures, if we can grow them, we can replant them with heat resistant species. Most oxygen generation comes from single cell algae that flows from the Amazon. Reefs are great and pretty but I doubt this project is on the save the world scale. btw algae thrives in warm … Read more