The Best Prescription Dive Mask By Customer Reviews

The Best Prescription Dive Mask

This is Reviews about Promate Pro Slender Purge Mask/ MK285 with Nearsighted/Farsighted Optical Lenses. Baddas prescription mask for scuba diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing. Let see what about this product by user experience who bought this product in amazon. Customer Reviews: Even without the prescription lenses, this is the best mask I’ve ever owned. I’m in … Read more

Top Spearfishing Gloves Review

Lobster Gloves for Diving

Lobster Gloves for Diving | Kevlar Spearfishing Dive Glove | Puncture Resistant MADE WITH KEVLAR FIBER MATERIAL Unlike nylon, leather and high-performance polyethylene gloves, which are often used to make sport diving gloves, Kevlar fiber is both incredibly cut-resistant and durable. The material is also inherently flame-resistant, so they won’t burn or melt; making our … Read more

No More Lionfish Sting and Became a Lunch

Lionfish Sting

Feathery, elegant, соlоrful, роіѕоnоuѕ lionfish sting. Thеу аrrіvеd by mistake іn thе Cаrіbbеаn vіа Flоrіdа іn the 1990’ѕ аnd аrе nоw decimating local fish рорulаtіоnѕ. Prolific breeders аnd vоrасіоuѕ еаtеrѕ wіthоut nаturаl еnеmіеѕ, thеѕе jeweled gems hаng out undеr rееfѕ аnd іn сrасkѕ аnd crevices, lооkіng fоr lunсh. Hеrе, juѕt off thе соаѕt of Mexico’s … Read more

Pole Spear Fishing Easy Tips and Go Ahead

The Best Pole Spear Fishing

Pole Spear Fishing, you never got excited about fishing with a pole spear, but fishing with a spear is something completely different. It’s not about a big catch but it’s fun all the same. Just brush up on your social skills and you all ready for survivor!! Some of the old spearos will tell you … Read more

Rob Allen Spearguns to Easy Used

rob allen spearguns

Rob Allen Spearguns founded by Robin Allen. His born in 1958, Rob spent his lives as a fisherman off the coast of South Africa. At 22, while doing jobs for the Natal Sharks Board, Rob decided his live to get in the deep, this experience changed his life as well! It answered a million questions … Read more

Best Spearfishing Mask Anti-Fog Tempered Glass

This best spearfishing mask gets a lot of positive reviews from the users, this is the reason why we recommend this free diving mask for you. Spearfishing obviously requires a quality mask and appropriate to support this activity. Using a low-quality mask will keep you from hunting in the depths of the water. This spear … Read more

Spearfishing Hawaii Kauai Guide to Find The Typical Reef Fish

Biggest thing spearfishing in Kauai Hawaii is respect, respect local fishermen, dive spots, and fish regulations and you well be welcomed with open arms. Try to dive some spots around Princeville and found all the typical reef fish. Unfortunately most of the predatory fish here will have it to some degree, guys will go there … Read more