Iceland Scuba Diving with Dry Suit for Cold Water

Iceland Scuba Diving with Dry Suit for Cold WaterI’ve been talking a lot lately about Iceland scuba diving for my upcoming dive, where I will definitely be doing some scuba diving in cold water! But, the day after I get scuba diving license plate, I’ll be embarking on a whole different kind of adventure with a trip to Iceland.

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Icelandic weather condition is notoriously uncertain. The sun does not completely established during June. In summer season, there’s a fair chance of bright and also warm days. and also though there’s no true twelve o’clock at night sunlight, evenings are light from mid-May to very early August across the nation. In between September and also January, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lighting can be seen.

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Many bus courses with the interior don’t start up until late June or early July when the snow lastly thaws. Scuba diving run out the question in wintertime.

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Iceland dive in between the continental plates

In Iceland there is a world famous dive sight where you get to dive in between the continental plates in some of the most clear water in the whole world! But, as you can imagine, it’s cold water in Iceland , which requires you to wear a special kind of suit called a dry suit scuba diving. And you have to have a specific certification in order to do this kind of diving.

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We have to through the course for earn scuba dive certification because there was no way I was missing out on this opportunity. You have to finishing all parts of the scuba diving with a cold certification which was the actual open water dives. Hope everything went great and shortly officially certified as a dry suit scuba diver.

Scuba dive dry suit for cold water

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It should be completely insulated if it fits right. There are neck and wrist seals keeping heat in and water out. How warm you are depends on your under clothes. There are about 4 different types of dry suits, some are more mobile than others.

I can’t wait to see what this amazing dive is like! Find something you love y’all and just go for it!! This world is full of amazing adventures just waiting for you!

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