The Best Prescription Dive Mask By Customer Reviews

This is Reviews about Promate Pro Slender Purge Mask/ MK285 with Nearsighted/Farsighted Optical Lenses. Baddas prescription mask for scuba diving, snorkeling, and spearfishing. Let see what about this product by user experience who bought this product in amazon.

The Best Prescription Dive Mask
The Best Prescription Dive Mask

Customer Reviews:

Even without the prescription lenses, this is the best mask I’ve ever owned. I’m in Florida and in the waters a lot. I’ve owned many masks in my life. Having the prescription lenses is fabulous. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, and now I’ll really be able to find those bay scallops up in Homosassa. We’re visiting the Bahamas right now. This mask is crystal clear just like the waters!!

+ Available in a range of corrections, including extreme far-sightedness
+ Sealed adequately, over a short-trimmed mustache
+ Purge valve helps

We purchased this, finally, after several frustrating snorkeling on which we had the opportunity to see a variety of colorful tropical fishes and corals, but could not focus on them well enough see details. If only we had done this a long time ago. What a difference!

The Best Purge Prescription Dive Mask

The snorkel tube was a bonus. It worked fine, at least of this first trip. We can’t testify how well it will hold up for repeated use/abuse (plastic parts can break). If we need to buy another snorkel, later, so be it.

These masks worked out great for us during our recent vacation to Bonaire. My wife in particular was pleased as she has had issues with other masks not fitting properly coupled with poor vision. This resolved both issues for her and we both would recommend these to others who are looking for a prescription mask.

Prescription Dive Mask

The company was great on communicating their recommendations on what lens to order for each of us. My recommendation would be to email the company to verify your prescription needs per the email noted in the ad. Once this verification came back and I ordered via Amazon and the gear was shipped quickly.

This set worked great. I’m not an experienced snorkeler, but I’ve done enough over the years to know it’s no fun if you can’t see the fish. Since I don’t wear contacts, I gave this mask a try and it worked great. NOTE: I recommend you not try to order your prescription lenses using the web interface. Just call the Getwetstore and their friendly staff will help you get what you need using the prescription provided by your optometrist. By the way, when we got to the islands some of my fellow tourists complained about water leaks in their rental masks. My mask and tube never gave me a bit of trouble. Excellent fit.

Prescription Dive Mask Breath

I bought this snorkel mask because I have very bad vision and have been forced to rent prescription snorkel masks that never match my vision. This mask fits well and vision is perfect. The air release valve under the nose is pretty cool.

Get The Promate Pro Slender Purge Mask/ MK285 in Amazon

Very good experience – so far I tested it in a pool of the local YMCA at 9 feet depth only. Perfect vision correction, no leaks even with my mustache, very low volume, nose fits well (I’ve a high nose bridge), easy equalization and no fogging. What better qualities would one expect? Ordering was straight forward via email provided in description. Forgot to add that though strap does its job but is kind of flimsy and I already ordered a better one from the same Getwetstore.

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