Coral Reef Conservation Internships for The Earth Future

Coral reef conservation internships under the sea sculpturesCoral reef conservation internships under the sea sculptures, if we can grow them, we can replant them with heat resistant species. Most oxygen generation comes from single cell algae that flows from the Amazon. Reefs are great and pretty but I doubt this project is on the save the world scale. btw algae thrives in warm water.

It is true that with technology we can create artificial marine environment, but wouldn’t it be better to use those resources to stop the present destruction, we have the knowledge we just have to stop the greed . Most of our oxygen doesn’t come from coral. If it did we’d already be screwed. Most of our oxygen comes from marine phytoplankton and it’s in the range of 75% to 85%.

facts about coral reefs for kids

Give an information about facts about coral reefs for kids, There is kid that sold art at a show to send to help save the great barrier reef trough marine conservation charities. At age 9 he did his science fair project on how we all can save the reef. He is very proud that he is one of the youngest members of WWF and helped save the great barrier reef. Always teach your children and all you meet that, Yes 1 person can make a difference when we all work together.

Hermit Crabs they were the primary algae eaters on the reef

Tangs & Surgeonfish, Blennies, Snails, Hermit Crabs, they were the primary algae eaters on the reef. When they disappeared almost over nite the resulting algae bloom caused all sorts of problems. Problems that were indeed exacerbated by abnormally high water Temps that persisted at just the wrong time. The problem is he’s growing this coral in the ideal conditions unlike in the ocean where the bleaching still occurs. Replanting doesn’t fix the problem.

facts about coral reefs

Local salt water aquarium store , propagate hundreds of corals in the store using this technology. Really beautiful and amazing how quickly they grow. Like coral make oxygen, they are animals not plants. You most of out oxygen comes from the ocean, but from microscopic algae not corals. Then he accidentally broke some and saw the pieces grow? Come on it’s call coral propitiation and is a method used by saltwater tank enthusiasts for decades to grow corals in captivity instead of taking them from the reefs.

Coral is nice, but we would do fine without it. Marine phytoplankton make oxygen, and they make food from the sun. Statistically, they produce about 90% of the world’s oxygen. The unabated population growth will kill all our corals and phytiplanktons alike. As population increases so does increase in the need for marine resources. As people eats marine resources depletes. As tourists increase so dies our corals.

volunteer marine conservation

Be a nature loving divers that make you a part of volunteer marine conservation.

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