How Big are Sea Horses, You Will Shocked Saw This Picture

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How big are Sea Horses? Pygmy Seahorse, the smallest sea horse in the world found in the oceans of Indonesia, it found in the waters of flores, sumba, is still in one region with the island of Komodo.

The species of seahorse in the genus Hippocampus with characteristic short snout and long tail. The incridible lies only in the size. Not less than 2 cm or just the size of a human nail is very difficult to see clearly in the ocean. Moreover, the motive color is the same as where he lived, the round tuberkel that covers the body is similar to the shape and color of the coral reef polyps inang gorgonian coral.That is camouflage to defend themself from his predators.

smallest sea horse in the world

Pygmy seahorse habitat only rely on life at the coral. what do pygmy seahorses eat ? In the oceans contain many zooplankton. Because the zooplankton is easily swept by the ocean currents, the pygmy will suck the food through the mouthpiece in its mouth (snout) if its meal passes or is nearby.

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Male seahorse giving birth ? isn’t true, Pygmy seahorse facts includes monogamous animals. Each other has only one pair until the end of his life. If the female spawns and then fertilizes the males for incubation for two weeks, then the males are in control of it. He will contain and care for the egg in his pocket until his child is born. Then raise it together to release it independently if it is considered mature enough.

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One of the other uniqueness of the pygmy sea horses facts is every dawn they reinforce the bond with a unique dance. Especially during the mating season, the dance will look complicated, solely to attract the opposite couple.

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