Facts about Mangroves and Cristiano Ronaldo in Teluk Benoa

Cristiano Ronaldo Interesting Facts about Mangroves

In 2013 ago, the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to Bali be a mystery to his fans, what he did in there ? beyond expectations, it turns his existence is far from the football activity. He is a footballer who has a high social life, and for the first time Ronaldo was involved in marine conservation activity. CR7 was chosen to be ambassador Mangrove Bali.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo interesting to involved mangrove conservation in Indonesia ?

The mangrove tree planting site is located in Teluk Beboa, Bali. When asked by some journalists : Why you interesting to involved in mangrove conservation in Indonesia ?

“Ronaldo said” he was happy to be involved in preserving mangrove in Indonesia. “I’ve come to Aceh after the tsunami 2004 and the devastation that I saw leave memories in me. I look at the place overgrown with mangrove ecosystems formed to protect from the force of the big waves, so many peoples who survived and less damage, Including my adopted son “Martunis” ( The boy who survived from tsunami Aceh in 2004 ).

Tsunami disaster in 2004 was a major impact, especially in Asian countries  including Indonesia, from these disaster we get the experience why are mangroves so important for human lifes.

This illustration will explain one of the roles of the mangrove:

importance of mangrove trees

3 Years have passed, how the mangrove in Teluk Benoa at this time ? Where one of which is grown by the best football player in this pelanet.

Reclamation is being planned there (Teluk Benoa, Bali). Is the reclamation will save the mangrove forest and Teluk Benoa?

Facts about mangroves in Teluk Benoa.

Mangroves in Teluk Benoa is dominated by prapat species (Sonneratia spp.), Vegetation type is very sensitive to sedimentation. Reclamation project by creating new islands in Teluk Benoa will make the process of sedimentation or silting takes place more quickly, it is because the materials sediment carried by rivers that empty into the Teluk Benoa will be hindered by new islands which reclaimed ,

Teluk Benoa Reclamation


In addition, Teluk Benoa Reclamation will certainly change the regime of ocean currents generated by tidal events. Changes in the flow regime will affect the disposition of sediment, where sedimentation will turn off vegetation Sonnerata spp. In the long term there will be changes in the structure of mangrove ecosystem in the region. This is due to the reclamation project will lead to the advance of the coastline, so mangrove environment will changed, brackish environment changed to the coastal environment.

So if the plan 75% Teluk Benoa area to be reclaimed, then through modeling in case of rain for 4 hours will be an increase of up to 0.4 meters of water. Which means the area of  ​​Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Semawang, and Kuta will be affected by flooding.

save the mangrove forest and Teluk Benoa

Until now We’re still finding out whether there is the best solution for the good of the developer, the community, and the balance of nature. As an activist nature lovers I certainly hope the balance of nature is a top priority, and hope local governments can find the best solutions related to this issue.

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