Scuba Diving in Key West Florida That The Underwater Was Like a Colorful Aquarium

Scuba Diving in Key West Florida

Can’t say enough wonderful things about scuba diving in key west florida, scuba diving in Key West with diving buddies. The underwater was like a colorful aquarium. Even swam with a shark! You can see the excitement on our faces. Around Key West on  jet skis. What a blast! You can kayaked all afternoon from Ramrod Key, little sharks and stingrays will right next to your kayak. Underwater of key west can experience one of the larges coral reefs in the world by diving.

key west florida scuba diving face to face with sea turtle

Try scuba diving key west on Looe Key, so many sharks that lost to count, and a beautiful eagle ray. Learning to dive is easier than you think, and there’s no better place to do it than the crystal-clear waters in key west scuba diving sites. Just went out on a boat in Key West Florida! then went scuba diving. Lots of beautiful and was face to face to a giant barracuda and the sea trutles, humber jack. Just mention all of our favorite reef fish!! 16 miles off shore,in the Gulf stream, the water is very clear, 17 ships on the bottom.

Key West with diving buddies

If you prefer to try Key Largo ( Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary off Key Largo) diving for beginners, Key Largo has plenty of beautiful fairly shallow reefs. The visibility is usually better also. You can enjoying the opportunity to learn more. The challenge of driving different boats and doing scuba diving and private charters around this beautiful island.

scuba diving key west on Looe Key

Snorkeled and scuba’d many places throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, and this is far and away one of the best! If you’re an adventurous traveler, The Keys have it all. Just scheduled as a reef dive, but last minute change by popular vote ruled the decision. Was a great dive and an amazing learning experience for another adventure of the books. Also got some footage of our boat taking on a massive wave.

diving key west florida

Going back someday soon to florida keys and found scuba diving packages.

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