5 Indonesia Liveaboard Earned Top World Diving Destinations 2017

Top World Diving Destinations 2017
Top World Diving Destinations 2017

Why do the world’s best underwater photographers flock to a narrow stretch of water less than a mile wide in Indonesia? Indonesia has become one of the top destination for dive lovers, beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water is very interesting, especially the beauty of the marine life. This year 2017 Indonesia Liveaboard Earned Top 5 World Diving Destinations. This proves how Indonesia is dominated places to dive, and growing every year.

In 2011 won in the category of Macro Life, Overall Rating of Destination, and Health of Marine Environment, Underwater Photography. Everything is first order throughout Asia Pacific.

Bunaken Dive resort Top World Diving Destinations 2017
Bunaken Dive resort

In 2012, won in the category The Best Marine Parkyang refer Bunaken Marine Park, the category The Best Shore Dive held Wakatobi House Reef. The Best Topside held the title of Bali. The category was won Best Live Aboard Indo Siren, one of the operators supporting diving activities from Indonesia. Categories The Best Night Dive was taken by Nudi Falls that their in Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi. Ket photo (private collection), diving Bunaken, Manado, use the services of one of the dive operators.

At the foot of an inactive volcano, Bunaken Marine National Park sprawls over 890 km². Dolphins, dugongs, reef sharks, and giant sea turtles are common sights, in addition to over 70% of all the known fish species of the Indo Western Pacific region. You may also spot migrating humpbacks, killer, sperm or minke whales. They can all be seen by divers and snorkelers alike, thanks to superb visibility. We recommend you stay at bunaken dive resort for great guides and service.

Wakatobi dive resort Top World Diving Destinations 2017
Wakatobi dive resort

In 2013, three best titles in captured Indonesia for the category of The Best Live-Aboard belonging Arenui-Indonesia is the operator organizer sea travel for the purpose of diving, Category The Best Dive Site House Reef belongs to Wakatobi Dive Resort.

wakatobi liveaboard Top World Diving Destinations 2017
wakatobi liveaboard

Wakatobi Dive Resort combines an idyllic natural setting with five-star service, gourmet dining and exclusive access to some of the most pristine coral reefs in the world. Located on a small island in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, the resort offers 23 Indonesian-style bungalows set in a beachfront palm grove and four waterfront villas that overlook the reef. The resort is self-sustaining and eco-conscious, giving divers and snorkellers access to more than forty sites within a private marine reserve. A swim directly from the resort beach puts you on the House Reef, which has been named one of the world’s best shore dives. There’s plenty to keep you happy when you’re out of the water kitesurfing during the season, paddleboarding, kayaking, an on-site spa, and more.

USS Liberty Wreck Tulamben Bali
USS Liberty Wreck Tulamben Bali

In 2014, won Belar to the category The Best Shore Dive the USS Liberty Wreck Tulamben Bali. The category of Best Live Aboard still maintained by Arenui-Indoneia. Champion in the category The Best Animal Encounter pointed at one spot in the King Ampa- Indonesia. Winner of the category of Best Night Lifedan Best Night Dive won one dive operators in Bali and Arborek Jetty in Raja Ampat Indonesia. Raja Ampat is the global centre of marine biodiversity, and considering all life came from the ocean, you could say it’s the centre of all life on Earth! Jump in for a 360 virtual dive amongst a kaleidoscope of colourful corals and bright reef fish.

Journey to Tembok takes you to Les Village, a three hours drive north of Denpasar. Drive through a winding mountain road that brings you past the scenic Kintamani town, atop the volcano range. Renown for its famous waterfall, jungle trekking and diving at nearby Tulamben, where the world class wreck USS Liberty is located.

Raja Ampat Liveboard Top World Diving Destinations 2017
Raja Ampat Liveboard

I should not need to explain about Raja Ampat liveaboard, this place is so viral world traveling, especially for the lovers of diving. Maybe you can get the details here.

Lembeh seahors Top World Diving Destinations 2017
Lembeh seahors

For 2015, Indonesia re-entered the list of top 100 best diving spots. In the category The Best Underwater Photography region of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, won by underwater photographer, Rodger Klein, the object in the diving lembeh strait, North Sulawesi, which won the foreign diver but the object is in Indonesia. For the category of The Best Macro Diving region Pacific and Indian Oceans were successfully brought to Indonesia.

Diving Lembeh starit Top World Diving Destinations 2017
Diving Lembeh starit

Lembeh strait dive resorts is not all about diving on volcanic sand. Step off our beach and you can dive on the wonderful coral formations of Aw Shucks or the black sand of the Hairball dive sites. In amongst the coral you can find frogfish, Lembeh Sea dragons, Seahorses and an abundance of reef fish to name but a few.

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