Wakatobi Liveaboard Worthy Being Awarded Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017

Wakatobi Liveaboard Worthy Being Awarded Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017Wakatobi liveaboard is one of Indonesia dive sites that earned Top 5 World Diving Destinations in 2017. Wakatobi dive resort combines an natural setting with five-star service. Located in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, Wakatobi offers many dive resort set in a beachfront palm grove and four waterfront villas that overlook the reef. Dive directly from the resort beach puts you on the House Reef, which has been earned one of the world’s best dive destination, saw turtles and eagle rays and so much more on the house reef in front of beach bungalow. And many dive resort at Wakatobi was being established.

Honeymoon in Wakatobi dive resort

Enjoying different experience honeymoon in Wakatobi? Why not! In addition to the perfect place for divers, Wakatobi resort indonesia is the right place for you who want to enjoy the honeymoon, of course not inferior to the Maldives, even more varied.

Wakatobi coral reef Top Diving Destinations in

Exclusive access to many of the most pristine coral reefs in this planet. The resorts in Wakatobi is eco conscious, giving divers access to more than thirty sites within a private marine park. There’s several to keep you happy when you’re out of the water, paddleboarding, kitesurfing during the season, kayaking, an enjoyed spa. Fantasic! quite an adventure as was before the days of direct flights from Bali.

Limbaugh straits Wakatobi Dive Resort

Try to go to Limbaugh straits better critters less travel. This place is a 5 ⭐️ Dive Resort (not to be mixed up with a 5 ⭐️ non diving holiday place). Don’t forget your snorkelers! If you can’t dive, just snorkeling here and it was amazing!

Pelagian dive yacht Wakatobi

Pelagian dive yacht

If you have extra money it should be great to do a private dive yacht charter on Pelagian. Pelagian dive yacht expands in Wakatobi Dive Resort’s tradition of great service and top diving. Exploring the Tukang Besi archipelago, you will enjoy the cruises and discovery to distant reefs, green tropical  island lagoons and the secret diving sites.

The Golden Triangle Wakatobi Dive Location

The Golden Triangle

This is a true depiction of Wakatobi dive resort reviews, there’s a big diving world out there with other places in Wakatobi that you should to go, diving in the golden triangle is only matched by the easygoing, vibrant diving. As part of the focus of marine tourism development in the Golden Triangle area then the current government and community of Wakatobi district continue to make improvements in order to improve the competitiveness of the destination. Especially the cultural festival like in Bali is often done every year and always get the full attention of the Ministry of Tourism. Hopely Wakatobi we are increasingly recognized by the world not only marine biodiversity but cultural diversity.

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