Underwater Metal Detector Easy to Use

Garrett underwater metal detectorsUse underwater metal detector to find some treasure or looking for the evidence for investigation of a case. Use Garrett 1140900 to find a study in a wall. Worked much better than the Stanley stud finder that I used which was totally worthless.

First of all this is way better than the original pro-pointer II. Why? First it’s deeper, a LOT deeper with the sensitivity cranked. That’s right you can adjust the sensitivity. And even better, as great as that is, is the fact you can turn the sound off.

Garrett underwater metal detectors is it cleans up easy, even if you happen to leave it in you cargo pocket and throw it into the washing machine. Mine survived without an issue. Pretty sure it’s not a recommended cleaning practice but it came out spotless and working! Well made and waterproof means waterproof. this handheld underwater metal detector has saved at least three trips to the hardware store because there has been a dropped nut, screw or bolt out in the grass. While we could go out with our metal detector and find it, this is a much easier tool for a small area. Very accurate. Have yet to use it while metal detecting but pretty sure it would be a help.

High quality build with features that work well. It is sensitive to find small metal objects (small as a bb) from a few inches away, but has a feature to reset the sensitivity with just a single button press that makes narrowing down your hunt super easy. The unit is definitely waterproof and not just water resistant. I also appreciate the option to choose .

cheap underwater metal detectors
cheap underwater metal detectors

The ease of use, ruggedness, depth and features make this an outstanding tool. It’s my main pinpointer. I honestly wasn’t all that thrilled with the Propointer II, but this is a home run by Garrett. Based on the changes I’d say they listened to what their customers wants.

This and the TRX are about equal I think as far as power. The trx only detects off the tip which is nice sometimes to narrow things down. This detects off whole wand which is nice to lay on a pile you dug and run it over it. This is waterproof which I really like for shallow water hunting. You cannot ground metal detect without a pin pointer. After a short learning curve, the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT sets the standard for ease of use, ruggedness, water use, and utility. Replace battery as soon as possible with highest quality 9 volt you can.

Did come with a holster and place to put some form of string to keep it connected to you. While costly for what you get, the quality seems good. Will update this review as we use it more. Remember when using Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer that it detects in a 360 degree range around the tip, not just on the tip like some of the competitors, That being said, it’s very rugged and has served me well in the year.

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