7 Top Uk Inland Dive Sites

UK inland dive sites has a number of diving spots where swimming with helicopters, buses and caravans in the norm into water-based beauty decking. To enjoy diving with first class facilities we can get it from the lake and the mine has to offer.

Diving season is available all year round and divers can see the pike, perch, roach, eel and crayfish. The water temperature there is an average of 3 ° C in winter and 18 ° C in summer. The average visibility is 1-20 meter dive so we recommend that divers always carry a torch tool. If you plan to dive in the winter, we suggest to consult with the diving sites that provide services for diving.

Here are 7 Top Uk inland dive sites to be your consider:

Capernwray uk inland dive sites

Capernwray dive site

Diving depth 5m to 20m, Capernwray mine, located in Lancashire, England offers good visibility on the average viewing distance of 15m in the middle of the week but fell significantly during the busy weekend. Capernwray we encounter in the dock to enter the water and a huge variety of diving highlights to explore, including the wreck of HMS Podsnap, Wessex helicopters, flying saucers, a garden gnome and also underwater caves. One of the sites Capernwray has facilities including a clubhouse, changing area, the restaurant is heated and RIB for rescue.

Stoney Cove uk inland dive sites

Stoney Cove diving centre

Stoney Cove inland dive located in Leicestershire are the British National Diving Centre and is a popular diving spot in the UK. There are many fields of diving from 7m to 35m depth and highlights including helicopters, buses, and Hydroboxes with air pockets that allow divers to talk through the regulator with each other. Besides diving you can also just snorkel like at Stoney Cove dive school, you can enjoy both up, or choose the right one for you.

Gildenburgh uk inland dive sites

Gildenburgh diving spot

Diving season available every year round at Lake Gildenburgh, this lake has been developed since 1945 from a former brickworks located in northern Cambridgeshire, England. Diving place offers diving depth of 1-22m with a training platform in 1m, 2m, 3, 5m, 7m and 9m so as Gildenburgh is ideal for novice divers. Water visibility can reach 20 m in winter and sites compact size means it can be easily explored in a week if time is limited. Highlights include coaches, Morris Minor cabin cruiser and a variety of fish and plant life. You can try site Gildenburgh had small cafe, shop and changing facilities.

NDAC UK inland Diving Site

National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC)

NDAC in Gloucestershire offering a wide range of diving depth of 1m to 80m and have good visibility. With a number of training and diving platform highlights including armored vehicles and amphibious, it is a popular site. There is a free diving platform for training and also trapeze at 75m for decompressions stop. You can try NDAC diving activity centre training this platform shallow convenient labeled for novice divers and the site facilities such as shops, dressing rooms, a cafe and a courtesy vehicle from the parking area to the pontoon. trolley kits are also available, and the center has a range of other activities including off-road and life experiences.

Dosthill UK Inland Dive Site

Dosthill diving

Located in West Midlands, Dosthill is the oldest inland dive sites in UK. It is easily accessible from the motorway and yet tucked away in a quiet location behind a church and surrounded by trees. Dosthill offers dives to a depth of 24m and training platform from 2m to 18m, making it a popular place to learn to dive. Highlights include Catarmaran, sunken trees and the newest addition; a Jetstream aircraft for carcass-penetration skills training at a depth of 18m. This site has a small store, portable toilets and catering van. Try Divedozzi to explore the Dosthill dive.

Wraysbury UK Inland Dive Sites

Wraysbury dive centre

Wraysbury Lake is located in Middlesex, located in a nature reserve and is easily accessible from London. Maximum diving depth of 12m, with an average visibility of 5m and summer water temperatures can reach 21 ° C. The site is largely devoted to training, and busy on weekends. Dive highlights including lifeboats, taxi, dragon boats, and a variety of platforms. The center offers all technical diving courses PADI, including SDI Solo Diver, there is located in limited water area for shallow water skills practice. The center is open on Wednesday and there are shops, portable toilets filling stations, and a licensed café on this site.

Vobster Quay UK Inland Dive Sites

Vobster Quay diving

Located in Somerset, Vobster have a  maximum diving depth is 36m and visibility variables from 5m to 10m, this inland dive has earned a reputation as the ‘UK’s friendliest inland diving centre’ and reviews online confirm that title has been well-earned. mine in Somerset has earned a reputation as the ‘center of a friendly British inland diving. Dive highlights including aircraft, concrete lined tunnel, and the work of crushing. There have a dive shop, equipment hire, free hot showers and catering van. My friends suggested to try Vobster  to get diving facilities on there. The center offers a wide range of PADI courses and technical diving courses from IANTD.

We hope you get some information that you need for your dive knowledge in UK, and give you alternative for your diving destination. If you think your dive skill is enough.. just try to explore the incredible scuba diving experience in natural marine life with a huge of coral reefs, maybe Indonesia is one of the best scuba diving destination that you should to visit. Some dive sites in Indonesia recognized as the best place to dive in the world, like Bali, Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Bunaken, Lombok, Komodo Island, and many more. Picture bellow captured in Wakatobi.

Wakatobi Dive Site


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