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Lobster Gloves for Diving | Kevlar Spearfishing Dive Glove | Puncture Resistant

Lobster Gloves for Diving
Lobster Gloves for Diving Detail Product

MADE WITH KEVLAR FIBER MATERIAL Unlike nylon, leather and high-performance polyethylene gloves, which are often used to make sport diving gloves, Kevlar fiber is both incredibly cut-resistant and durable. The material is also inherently flame-resistant, so they won’t burn or melt; making our fishing gloves an optimal choice for those who encounter cuts, abrasions, or heat while on the job or for sport.
ALL AROUND PROTECTION Our D-Vein Gloves for Lobstering are designed to keep your hands safe throughout the lobster diving experience. Aside from the Kevlar material, the palms have a non-slip grip, so you don’t have to worry about your catch-of-the-day wiggling away or accidentally cutting yourself while deveining or filleting. The topside of our gloves is coated in rubber armor that protects your skin from sharp objects like reef and rocks and the elastic cuffs mold perfectly to your wrist.
EASY TO USE Many scuba glove products are difficult to use due to their stiff and bulky composition. Gloves that aren’t pliable for a firm grasp can make lobstering or fishing a nuisance. With the D’Vein Lobster Gloves, you will immediately notice how exceptionally soft and flexible they are on the inside, so you can freely use your fingers without any resistance from the glove. The material is sturdy, yet thin and comfortable so you won’t feel like you are wearing bulky, awkward gloves.
MADE FOR MORE THAN LOBSTERING While we pride ourselves on being a quality product designed for lobster diving, we also aimed to make a versatile glove for multiple water sports and activities. Because our product is waterproof and resilient with a firm grip and flexible fingers, you can utilize them for many water-related activities. Use these gloves for spearfishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, filleting, or swimming around the reef. They are so light, you’ll forget you have them on.
EASY TO WASH AND DRIES QUICKLY If you are out on the water a lot, these are perfect for you. Salty water, combined with the scent of fish and blood, make for an unpleasant smelling glove by the end of the day. Luckily, our product can be thrown right in the washing machine without worrying about ruining their integrity. Leave them out to air dry overnight and you’ll find that they are good to go the next day. Our gloves are so versatile and convenient, you’ll never want to wear any other kind.

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Buyer Reviews:

I really like these gloves and I caught lobster with them in the carribean. They also protected my hands from fire coral and sharp objects. The fit is nice and snug. It lets water drain out easily but they do take a while to dry out. The rubber padding on the outside if really good to protect your hands from heavy hard items, I would use it to push away from really sharp rocks. These are not crush proof but that extra padding helps a lot if you get pinched. Still, I would avoid claws, or strong fish bites.

Lobster Gloves for Diving complete protection
Lobster Gloves for Diving complete protection

These gloves are the BOMB! Caught so many lobster my wife was screaming for me to put some back. Super easy to use and protected my hands. I’ll never use a spear on lobster again!

I used these badboys for the 1st time today and they were a dream! My 2 biggest things with lobstering gloves are:

Spearfishing Lobster Gloves
Spearfishing Lobster Gloves

Fit – I normally wear large/XL gloves and went with Larges. My hands never felt cramped and my finger dexterity was not hindered either. I was able to grab some lobster out of a few holes where I know my old gloves would have been a hindrance.

Spearfishing Gloves
Spearfishing Gloves

Protection – No one wants to get stabbed and poked when handling lobsters. For the 1st time ever my hands are immaculate after a day of catching and cleaning lobsters(we caught 24). I always get cuts/punctures. The heavy duty rubber on the knuckle side of the glove was also super durable and I felt confident no sharp rocks/coral would puncture/tear while reaching into holes.

All-in-all, an A+ product and a must have for any free-diver/scuba enthusiast that enjoy’s catching lobster and doesn’t want their hands getting tore up while retaining the hand mobility.

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