Top 5 Diving Places in South East Asia

Indonesia with thousan islands who the best diving in south east asia, the island of Bali could not be overlooked. Probably the most dived site in Bali is the liveaboard diving indonesia. This write-up explains a few of the better dive sites in South East Asia. As a diving diver, you will probably know that scuba diving in South East Asia has always been popular due to its large species of aquatic life as well as abundant diversity of colorful corals.

Layang Layang in Malaysia is an impressive atoll. It becomes part of a shoal team in the South China Sea called the Spratly islands. Below, large varieties of barracuda wanders the water, big pelagic fishes as well as sharks make this location house. Do not be surprised if you are examined by an institution of hammerhead sharks. Freedom wreckage lies in the depth of about 10m (32ft) to 30m (100ft) over 120m (385ft) of the sea bed. Divers can see weapons, toilets, ship support chain among other things of a normal shipwreck. The accident is greatly dirtied with corals reefs and also brilliantly enhanced with gorgonian sea followers as well as sea anemones.


Manado, northen Sulawesi, Indonesia is the portal to top quality dive spots in the Bunaken National Park one of indonesia dive sites. Muck diving, significance diving for little critters on the seabed in Manado bay is the norm below. In this component scuba diving indonesia, you will run into exciting wall surface dives, decline offs, massive napoleon wrasse, reef sharks and also one more shipwreck. But Indonesia is the huge Country with lines of islands so you can find many of famously diving spot of there like Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat and many others.


Sipadan Island in Malaysia was made renowned by Jacques Cousteau’s docudrama qualified Ghost Of The Sea Turtles. This is an oceanic island which is not connected to any continental shelf that rises about 2000 ft on an awesome limestone pinnacle and mushrooms out at the surface. Sipadan as one of the best dive sites on the planet and also reported to have the largest range of soft corals reefs on the planet. At Sipadan, scuba divers will certainly encounter amazing drift dives, remarkable reefs developments, turtles, lobsters, barracudas or even numerous species of sharks. Scuba divers will certainly also come across big institutions of trevally as well as more than 400 types of aquatic fishes and even exotic swarms of evasive garden eels.


Learn to dive thailand, Similan island is another fascinating dive site. Similan is found off the coast of Khao Lak which was struck badly by a Tsunami 2006. Nine granite islands made up the Similan islands. These islands are covered by opulent exotic rainforests bordered by pristine white beaches as well as blue-green blue water. Similan is the best scuba diving thailand who safeguarded national park. Listed below the water exist a vast underwater garden of deep canyons, coral reefs yards, huge granite boulders, caverns and wall surfaces. Liveaboard dive trip is the standard below.


Actually, there are several world class dive sites in this region and also with its outstanding underwater presence, South East Asia is certainly a scuba diving diver’s haven. So, above are some of the leading dive sites in South East Asia which I have asian vacation packages all inclusive.

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