Tulamben Suci’s Place is The Best Diving Bali Spot ?


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Tulamben is very popular among domestic and foreign divers. What makes Tulamben so famous? None other is the ease and wealth of marine life at this dive site. Coupled with the USS Liberty shipwreck highly accessible and presents a variety of underwater creatures ranging from small ones like sea slugs, crabs and shrimp, ghost pipefish and pygmy seahorse up big as sharks, Mola mola, and others. Tulamben offers dive sites that suitable for scuba refresher course, water temperature in bali make dives relaxed (fun dive) and serve awesome underwater photography.


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Starting in 2012 until 2013 Matahari Tulamben Resort start making a new dive spot is located right in front of the resort.  Depth Suci’s diving place Bali is there for 9 to 17 meters of depth.


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Basically, this is a dive spot with a complete underwater artificial garden in the form of sculptures such as ‘Buddha’ and his mother, the goddess ‘Tara’, as well as various other artifacts things different, unique and interesting. Dive spot ‘Sanctuaries’ is now increasingly popular among divers domestic and foreign tourists, especially those coming from France, Netherlands, UK, Czech, and Swedish. In addition to the atmosphere of the garden with statues deliberately laid out in such a way on the seabed, Holy’s Place also serves various types of fish that are very unique and interesting, such as murane, cleaner fish and marine animals which use “sacred gardens” as habitat and breeding.


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Dives this time more clearly helped by the sunshine that broke in to the sea. Practical make underwater scenery becomes more attractive and beautiful, with rocks, sea plants and fish of various kinds are so pretty and become one of the best diving bali spot.


Photo Source: http://www.kompasiana.com/lis_diana/sensasi-menyelam-di-tulamben-bali_54f93590a33311f4018b48a1

Tulamben underwater natural beauty with a variety of fish, sea creatures and other marine life that is so fascinating, may still be sustained and maintained its authenticity. Do not get distracted and become damaged simply because of divers who does not love nature and the natural environment. In addition, a number of facilities supporting tourism, should also include, for example, an ATM machine that is easily accessible to divers for a transaction.


Photo Source: http://www.kompasiana.com/lis_diana/sensasi-menyelam-di-tulamben-bali_54f93590a33311f4018b48a1

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