The Basics That You Should Carry on Your Kayak

The Basics That You Should Carry on Your Kayak

The 5 basics for paddlers are: boat, paddle, pfd, helmet, sprayskirt. I was also taught to carry a throw rope. Snacks are good, too. And a water bottle. And float bags so your friends have an easier time fetching your boat when you swim.

Whistle, life jacket, water, paddle, lol maybe a snack. Small medical kit. Depends where you kayak and how long really.

But if you need to survival is batter : Space blankets, rope, knife, medical kit, headlamp, fire starter, battery pack for phone, small tarp for setting up rain shelter in needed. Extra dry clothes. Don’t forget Float Plan….always tell someone where your going and what time you’ll be back.

Beginner to pro: PFD, throw line, bailer, pealess whistle, heaving line, nav light (if paddling at night or early morning), radar reflector (if on open water), water bottle, compass (if on open water with no navigation marks), protein bars or MRE (if paddling for 3+ hrs), pocket knife.


Carry an extra paddle, paddle float, bilge pump, sponge, PFD, VHF radio, spray skirt, whistle, knife, tow rope, small first-aid kit and a pak towel. These are the safety essentials.

Whistle should be tied to life jacket can hear whistle over .yelling for help.chapstick./hat is a must..need more than water get lemon an honey in there boost energy..i have frozen bottle I make fruit smoothie too..bail out bowl..rope on front of kayak to tie if stop.i put noodle in every sit on soft pfd seat pad that can float..yup..extra foam.for back brace behind lots fruit in frezzebag..bandaids!!

Sunlotion pole..water proof bag with towel phone zip lock keep down to 20lbs so I can tie my oval.35.00 kayaksail on front..after long day on eater if there’s current an wind on way free kayaksailing wishes.

Depends on what you are planning to do, i.e. leisurely paddle, fishing, camping, etc. For leisure I would always have Paddle, waterproof bag, anchor, whistle, PFD, sunscreen, and drinking water at a minimum.

Basics That You Should Carry on Your Kayak For Fishing

Fishing pole with fishing gear such Fishing pole, fishing reel, tackle, landing net, life vest and noise maker! .. complete first aid kit.. small survival camping grill, (they’re tinny tiny).. boiling cup.. back pack with (your) necessities.. paddle, lol.. life jacket, lol.. basic survival kit.. beer.. maybe a few joints, ect.

Fish basket with noodle around top, hook remover, wipes, sanitizer, sunscreen, water, water cooling neck rag, binoculars, first aide kit, carmex, spare dry clothes in a dry bag, phone case, dry box,bag for all of it.

All of the above is great, but I love a bath rag or car wash cloth. I can drain water out of my boat and keep it clean and dry as we go. It helps keep things dry and clean more than you can imagine. We never go without one on each boat. We use sit insides only now. Faster water and lighter boats.

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