How to Spearfishing with Hawaiian Sling, Spearfishing Tips for Beginners

Spearfishing with Hawaiian Sling

Maybe you ask how to spearfishing with hawaiian sling ? Do not let this tool harm you, it’s the most important, ( safety first ). Use it right and efficient, considering you will be in the water without a scuba tank. One thing to consider how to use a hawaiian sling is that the fish … Read more

6 Spearfishing Tips for Beginners

Spearfishing Tips for Beginners

Hello diver, we try to share some spearfishing tips for beginners, there are some things you might need to remember from what we reviewed below. 1. Freediving certification With scuba diving / freediving¬† certification you already have diving experience. Because it will not be possible if you hunt fish in the water, while you are … Read more