Affordable Scuba Diving Watches Computer , Suunto Zoop Novo VS Cressi Leonardo


Priced at the same price $199.95, this affordable scuba diving watches computer, Suunto Zoop Novo VS Cressi Leonardo, becomes a very difficult choice. Choose one of them, or grab both of them ? Maybe some reviews in amazon store this could be a recommendation for you. Suunto Zoop Novo Easy to use diver interface, easy … Read more

5 Qualified Scuba Diving Computer Watches, Under $200 USD

Cressi Leonardo Scuba dive watches Computer

Looking for the scuba dive watches with a complete dive computer for freedom underwater and a multi-feature watch for timeless style on the surface ? Absolutely.. Within Affordable Price ? That’s what I want!! We try to share the user experiences in amazon store:   Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer ($149.95) Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive … Read more