Can You Go Scuba Diving Without Certification ?

Can I Go Scuba Diving Without Certification

Can I go scuba diving without certification ? Seriously think about what you just asked. You want to do your scuba diving without certification. You can dive but can you make sure the safety as you can be the deciding factor in someone’s death or survival. How long have you been out of the water? … Read more

Ushaka Marine World Scuba Diving Without Worry

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Ushaka marine world scuba diving at South Africa. Perhaps you’ve imagine being able to dive in the depths, to enjoy the beauty of the underwater without worrying about weather, certificates, etc. Discover scuba diving without worry any thinks you need.Is equipment provided? What should one bring of their own Everything is provided. The only thing … Read more

Scuba Diving Tanks New Generation

airbuddy scuba diving tank

Looks like a good scuba diving tanks system to use when cleaning the bottom of a boat, but not much else. But then again you could say the same thing for all the gas powered compressors with hoes fed regulators already on the market. Nothing beats the freedom and flexibility of diving with tanks. Maybe … Read more