Labengki Island, Treasure of Indonesia Scuba Diving



Hmm.. Indonesia.. We are always amazed with the beauty  ocean with a thousands of islands. Now we talk about Sulawesi, Sulawesi has a beautiful and charming island. Many cool places in Sulawesi, have you heard Labengki Island ? You shoud to know about this treasure paradice to find the best scuba diving locations.

The island is located in North Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi Province. What is interesting about this island?


Name Island Labengki probably still very unfamiliar for us doesn’t like Bali or Raja Ampat that already famous. However, foreign taste will have no meaning if the beauty is already talking. Labengki Island is an island is one of the best place in the world to scuba dive. The island serve the beauty underwater world may be pitted with other places in Sulawesi such as Wakatobi to Bunaken

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