Affordable Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover

snorkeling-goggles-with-nose-cover-minFor you who like to swim in depth or snorkel definitely need a swimming goggles with nose cover. Now there is a snorkel product that we think is a genius product for the needs of snorkeling, how in the experience of the customer, let them explain it:

”Wow, game changer! This mask is legit, if you don’t have one and love the ocean like I do you need to get one of these. I have used it a few times already with no problems, no fogging up or nothing. This mask is worth every penny, I love it. I’m planning on getting one for my wife in the near future.”

”These masks completely changed our snorkeling experience! We were in the water all day long with these. They are comfortable and beautifully made, and we had no issues with water leaking or fogging up. I will definitely be buying more!”

snorkel goggles with nose cover-min

”Wow ,this is the greatest product ever. I am not going to lie i was skeptical at first. I am all about snorkeling old fashioned way, it never bothered me. We purchased 2 different sizes to test out. One for my wife and one for my 5 year old son that has never snorkeled before.

I could not get my son out of the water, he loves it. This mask is fantastic. So easy to breathe via mouth or nose, no water comes in contact with your mouth/nose. Even when diving down there are no issues, as soon as you come back up and try to take a breath you get air with no issues. Just ordered the third one for myself after trying out my wife’s. Like I said my 5 year old is impossible to pull out from the ocean, he has no issues using this mask, and this was his first time snorkeling.”

snorkel mask with nose cover-min

”This mask performed as advertised! It fit well it was high-quality and go pro mount was perfect for snorkeling. I was a little worried that the checkball wouldn’t seal the water out when I dove under but it also worked perfectly . I am very pleased and recommend this product.”

”I really loved the way this snokel mask allowed my peripherial vision to be used. It wasn’t cut off like most snorkel masks. My favorite feature is being able to breathe through my nose. It made me so much more comfortable while in the water. I enjoyed the gopro mount, since I was able to capture footage from the same angle I was viewing it. This was a nice change from other snorkel masks I had experienced that made me feel claustrophobic. Just make sure you breathe evenly with this mask and it will work great!”

swimming goggles with nose cover-min

”Visited Hawaii and got to use this product on two islands. As a novice it was a great help in getting comfortable breathing underwater. The view was amazing in comparison to a regular mask. One of my locations was very rocky with a decent surf. The added visibility kept me from hitting the rocks as the peripheral vision was much better.”

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The above reviews we summarize from the amazon page, you can also get this snorkel product through this link.

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