Surprising Dive Destinations in Europe for The More Adventurous

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Wishing to find the very best underwater wildlife experiences? Europe is home to an incredible variety of scuba diving where you can explore shipwrecks, tropical reefs and many more. With that said, here are some of the best diving destinations in Europe.

Kilkee, Ireland

For many, traveling to the beach isn’t complete without the possibility of a deep sea dive, and what about you? Kilkee is a must for any diver visiting Ireland. The waters at Kilkee are particularly clear that will let you see all manner of wildlife. With hundreds of reefs, you can admire an underwater heaven that only a few lucky divers will ever see. You get access to a plethora of wildlife and see its abundance of large marine life. Apart from that, you will get the opportunity to explore one of the best cavern dives in Europe.  All in all, there’s something for all levels of diver. So why not come and discover Kilkee’s exceptional seabed?


Guadeloupe, France

If you think you can’t scuba dive off Guadeloupe, you are mistaken. Guadeloupe is a perfect destination for diving lovers. In truth, Guadeloupe is home to some incredible diving. You will find a group of islands that are teeming with life: barracudas, turtles, sharks, dolphins, angelfish, parrot fish, moray eels, and whales. It is one of the only destinations in the world where people can experience the magic of diving with killer whales. Additionally, if you go there, there is a good chance of encountering underwater attractions include caves, aircraft wrecks, slopes and canyons. Besides, Guadeloupe offers you an easy access to luxury car rental as you can see at It will take you anywhere in the region.


Orkney Islands, Scotland

Whether you want to explore shipwrecks or just meet creatures, scuba diving can be a fun to the diving site Scapa Flow. Also, if you’ve got a passion for deep wrecks, Scapa Flow might be perfect. There are few sites that can offer such an abundance of large and historic wrecks. Local species include whales, porpoises, puffins, seals. Furthermore, if you want to come face to face with dolphins, this is a reliable spot for you. However, don’t forget that the number of divers allowed at Scapa Flow might be limited, so permits must be secured.

diving Lofoten Islands

Maltese Islands

With its wealth of underwater attractions, Maltese Islands should not be underestimated. You can dive into the inviting waters of Losinj to discover its underwater treasures. Explore the various local caves and wrecks that are only suitable for more experienced divers. But if you are a new diver, the Maltese Islands offer plenty of challenges for you too. Wonder at gorgeous coral formations. Other than that, you can enjoy its warm and clear waters as well as its incredible fauna and flora. As a case in point, you can spot sharks and dolphins there.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands, Norway

If you are going on a trip and looking to include a short dive into your vacation, Lofoten Islands are a must. Lofoten Islands are one of the best places to dive in the world. Divers will get the chance to go on a wall dive. Discover rich kelp forests, dive with orcas by day and swim with pristine wrecks. If you look down, you will often see reef sharks. In addition, if you want good diving without the crowds, then you should try Lofoten. All things considered, Lofoten Islands are a paradise for nature lovers.

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