Sumba Deep Sea Diving Experience Be Top 10 Places to Scuba Dive

In the eastern islands of Indonesia, not to far from Bali. Sumba is paradise of  the under water worlds, the beauty beach it’s normal I highly recommend. Sumba became the top scuba diving destinations in the world.

Do not believe it ? As We compiled from various sources, this top 10 dive destinations that you should visit in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.



1. Tarimbang Beach, East Sumba.

Located in District Tabundung, East Sumba, this beach will give a unique feel. Clear blue water, white sand and big cliffs makes Tarimbang Beach very suitable to be a break your longing with beautiful beaches and and you will be served by the best diving in south east asia.

2. Niagara Matayangu, Central Sumba.

Besides the beauty of the beach, Sumba also keeps the charm of a charming waterfall in Waimanu Village, District Katikutana, Central Sumba Regency. Waterfall Matayangu know is very popular among foreign tourists.


3. Walakiri Beach.

Watumbaka, Pandawai subdistrict, East Sumba. You can enjoy the best sunset in Sumba while in Walakiri Beach nad become top scuba diving destinations in the world.


4. Waikelo Beach, West Sumba.

Rada in the village of Mata, West Sumba, the beach is much sought after by travelers. This beach has calm water and very clean sand.


5. Weekuri Lake, West Sumba.

Weekuri Lake, West Sumba is a hidden paradise in NTT. The uniqueness of this lake is the salty water, if the water of the lake will usually tasteless then Weekuri exception. Besides adventure lovers will love this place because challenging your adrenaline that only be reached by foot or a two-wheeler.

6. Mount Warinding, East Sumba.

Green hills that stretch is accessible from the capital of East Sumba, Waingapu heading to Waikabubak. This hill is perfect for spending time with loved ones.

7. Pero Beach, West Sumba.

Pero is located in the village of Kodi, Kodi subdistrict, West Sumba. Pero beach is a paradise for surfing maniac with the badass waves.

8. Mauhau, East Sumba.

If you visit to East Sumba then you should enjoy the natural beauty Mauhau. The fresh air and savannah that stretched into the extraordinary panorama.


9. Traditional Village Rende, East Sumba.

Besides beaches, you can also visit the Village People is located in the village Rende Rende, East Sumba. It took approximately 30 minutes from the city Wangaipu, the capital of East Sumba, to get to the village which will show the lives of the people who hold beliefs as well as various custom home Marapu and weaving works of local communities.


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10. Mandorak Beach, West Sumba.

Sumba is most of the scuba diving spots and paradise of white sand beach with stunningly one of which is Mandorak Beach. The beach is located in the village of Pero Batang, District Kodi, Sumba Barat. Access is itself about 45 minutes from the capital city of West Sumba Tambaloka. Make sure you take the time to visit this beach if you was in Sumba. And I think they have the best dive resorts in the world no less than bali scuba diving resorts, please fisit our other article for more details regarding bali travel experiance.


Prepare your scuba diving spots, and let’s go in  there!!

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