6 Spearfishing Tips for Beginners

Spearfishing Tips for BeginnersHello diver, we try to share some spearfishing tips for beginners, there are some things you might need to remember from what we reviewed below.

1. Freediving certification

With scuba diving / freediving  certification you already have diving experience. Because it will not be possible if you hunt fish in the water, while you are still a novice diver. Diving certification is also to ensure you are legal in diving / spearfishing activities.

2. Spearfishing gear

How to spearfish ? Spearfishing is categorized in free diving, because your diving activities without using scuba tanks because it will inhibit your movement when aiming fish. Spearfishing also requires the tools like: wetsuits, speargun fishing, travel pole spear, spearfishing knife that we reviewed here.

3. Avoid shark attacks

How to avoid shark attacks? Meet with this species in the sea is a natural thing. Killing him is illegal, because the shark is a protected marine species. Avoiding it is the most important thing to do. In this article that we hope will give you the knowledge how to do it.

4. The best wetsuit for spearfishing and gloves

Not just sharks that threaten you in the ocean, there are still many marine species that are likely to attack you, even your hunted fish can do it too. Although wetsuit for spearfishing we have discussed in point number 2, but we need reminded beacuse this equipment is very important.

5. Fish target

Make sure the fish you hunt is not a protected fish species and included in the marine conservation group. And make sure your hunt for consumptive purposes, not looking for a mere consolation, it’s should be your spearfishing guide.

6. Keep the marine ecosystem

Marine fish ecosystems will be extinct if we do not keep the coral reefs, and remember do not hunt protected species. And always alert.

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