How to Spearfishing with Hawaiian Sling, Spearfishing Tips for Beginners

Spearfishing with Hawaiian SlingMaybe you ask how to spearfishing with hawaiian sling ? Do not let this tool harm you, it’s the most important, ( safety first ). Use it right and efficient, considering you will be in the water without a scuba tank.

One thing to consider how to use a hawaiian sling is that the fish you shoot has to be withing 6ft max from you, because it wont reach and if you let go of the hawaiian sling spear, it wont be as powerful and you may lose the fish.

how to use a hawaiian sling

Pull this hawaiian sling back pretty far and get as close as you can. Don’t shoot it somewhere that you can’t get to to retrieve it. Trial to get only¬† 3 fish within the first couple of hours. Farthest shot was about 4 feet away. Try to targetting weren’t big fish, but you will ate them all with no problems.

Having never used anything, but a regular hawaiian sling handle this was pretty easy to grab. Next try to shoot be withing 6ft from you shot. We have heard from more experienced spearfishing with hawaiian sling that the 6 footer would be better.

5ft hawaiian sling shot seems the shortest you would go to get enough drive behind it to ensure the barb to go all the way through. Nothing will get off if you hit them with it which is good.
hawaiian sling shot

The only issues maybe you will had with this hawaiian sling fishing is the barbs on the head of the spear keep the fish on the spear, but make it really difficult to get the fish off. Consider filing them off. Make it sure you used the hawaiian sling with line length for what your using it for.

hawaiian sling with reel is a sharp object, keep on mind to put it back on when you disassembled and put it back in the bag for traveling.

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