Spearfishing Gear for Beginners

scuba fishing with Recommended spearfishing equipment list-minScuba fishing or spearfishing become a trend for divers, thats why you should to know each spearfishing gear for beginners, for us spearfishing activity is a friendly fishing activity for the marine life, because spearfishing is a fishing activity by selectively choosing targeted fish, without machine, poison, nets, or Others that can stop the population of marine biota, damaging coral reefs and other marine ecosystems.

For those of you lovers of diving and fishing, spearfishing I highly recommend for you, for those of you who just started this activity, there are some equipment you may should to have, here is a spearfishing equipment list for beginners that we review based on the experience of its users:

1. spearfishing wetsuits / free dive wetsuits

free dive wetsuits, spearfishing wetsuits-min

Cressi Tecnica 3.5mm

Fantastic suit. I’m 5’11” 200 fat pounds atm and it’s just on the large side of a perfect fit. If I were skinnier it would probably be too big. I bought it for freediving in 60 degree waters and it’s WARM! For the first hour I’m hot, after that it’s fantastic. The 5mm probably would have been the smarter choice but it’ll get used for scuba as well so the extra thickness will be appreciated.

I finally got out on the water the other day. Visibility was bad but wanted to get in with the gun and test the suit. For reference, the water Temps were in the upper 50s (January in Florida Gulf Coast). The suit was warmer than I expected, probably wouldn’t spend hours in the water but definitely tolerable for me. I wanted a suit I could use all year and this works unless you are really sensitive to cold water (mind over matter!).

Fit : I’m 5’11 175 and the large fits snug. I tried the medium and could hardly breathe.

The suit is very stretchy and soft. I really like the pattern, the colors are flat. I looked at some cheaper camo suits and the colors were a tad shiny / glossy.

A roupa alem de extremamente confortavel tem otimaa resistencia aos esbarroes em pedras, ela mantem a temperatura docorpo por horas, ja mergulhei em aguas com ate 18 graus Celsius sem sentir nenhum frio, se a agua tiver por volta dos 23 faz ate calor, ai e so abaixar o capuz e partir pra pescaria.

2. speargun fishing

speargun fishing for beginners

Cressi Comanche Speargun

Excellent entry level gun. Pretty difficult to load at first but you’ll muscle up. I’ve shot lots of cunner and tautog (blackfish) using the gun. No stripers yet (they have all been too small). The gun is lightweight and durable. I did have a trigger mechanism issue one time but it cleared up. Upgrade the spear line connection to the gun with a shock rubber and swivel to make it faster to load. You’ll need a quality metal file and hone to resharpen the spear.

This gun is great! The only two problems I have had with the gun is the line and rubber pullback. The line where it connects to the spear will wear out if you put the line face down. By putting it face down it also causes the safety to lock up as well BE CAREFUL about that! I just bought new line for it and its fine now. The second thing is the rubber. It is SUPER hard to pull back but there is an easy fix to that! You can buy the Cressi S45 rubber for $20. Trust me its worth the money…. After that’s all finished you will be good to go!

Took my gun out for the first time today. Worked perfectly. I previously had a $300 JBL wooden gun, and this thing shoots more accurately than that one does, for 1/3 of the price. Any fish that I caught in my site within 7 feet or so was mine. It’s rated at 15ish feet, but unless you use another band, you’re realistically looking at a range of 5-7 feet max, which is fine by me. Couldn’t be more happy with it!! Would recommend to EVERYONE who is going after small to medium fish!

3. travel pole spear

travel pole spear

Mako Traveler Pole Spear

High quality aluminium shaft comprised of three parts! Exactly made screw- on connectors. Greatly priced item of highest possible quality! I am retired person with European military diving experience . Utilizing mostly Drager rebreathing oxygen equipment. I have forty eight years of free diving and spear fishing experience. Beginning as 10 years old boy. Starting fishing with home made, umbrella spike made fishing bow. Made by my father.

My advise to protect your spearfishing pol from eventual damages is similar to spear fishing shooting technique. Never point the shaft toward the rocky bottom. Always position yourself parallel with bottom, and parallel with rock formation then shoot. Mini caves or bottom rocky tunnels: go down in the middle of the opening and position yourself to shoot. Shoot only if fish stays in the open clear from rocky formations or if fish stays in area within rocky formation , and if fish is large enough to absorb shaft`s impact energy first. Or otherwise you are going to end your fishing day shortly with broken tip including perhaps spare ones. Or much worst you can damage shaft! When I was teenager with little bit of money. I have used one spear gun shaft tip for almost two years utilizing meticulously above describes shooting procedure. In addition to checking the tip occasionally sharpening it, and adjusting barbs.

Conclusion: I highly recommend MAKO Spearfishing Traveler Spear Pole for it`s quality, precision made screw -on connectors, for choosing to build this pol from quality no flexing aluminium tubs and for MAKO remarkable price!!

I had loaded the speargun, and was swimming through shallow water, when I was “accidentally” pricked with a sea urchin. I took the speargun to shore, and let it sit in the sand for roughly 15 minutes. When I came back to retrieve the gun, one of the rubber slings had become undone, and the speargun looked like it had fired the spear 5m away.

If the speargun isn’t unloaded when brought out of the water, it will create a very dangerous situation for everyone. Please discharge the speargun in a safe location underwater before leaving it whatsoever as stated in the manual.

Other than that, I haven’t encountered any issues. Except the fact that my friend tried to load the spear, and nearly got his finger sliced off.

4. Spearfishing Knife

Spearfishing Knife

Cressi Borg

I was pretty surprised for the quality of the knife for the price paid. The holster for it seems to be of good quality, pulling on it and shaking it did not knock it lose. It came pretty sharp, good enough to use out of the box.

Great buy. I bought this knife without ever owning anything similar before, and was somewhat hesitant to spend the money for it. I use this knife specifically for snorkeling trips, since we usually do it in groups involving several dive flags and ropes going everywhere. The knife compartment stays put and has never come undone or un-clipped. I’m usually able to strap both top and bottom straps below my knee.

The knife has a great gripping handle and feels and looks very nice. It came in fairly sharp but not to the level I like, in a few minutes I had mine razor sharp and ready to go. I take the knife with me on all my snorkeling trips, as it serves as a tool in case of an emergency. It also gives me a false sense of security in case I was attacked by a sea creature.

This is an excellent knife for the price. I’ve done about 20 dives in the Caribbean and it has held up good. The blade is still as sharp as when I bought it and rust free. The small piece at the bottom of the blade has a bit of surface rust but cleans off no problem. For the price I would buy this knife again without a second thought. Just give it a good fresh rinse after each dive.

There are spearfishing gear packages that may to be your consider, for the fins, or the dive mask, you can read on our other page here.

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