Spearfishing Florida Keys Got Beaten by Shark

Spearfishing Florida Keys Got Beaten by Shark

Reported a man while spearfishing in florida keys got beaten by shark, The emergence of sharks in Key West is not new, but shark attacks have never been experienced when spear fishing in key west.

Simpson was spearfishing in 50 feet of water about 6 miles Off-Key West, the southernmost town while in the.

The video showed how the horrible shark attacked.


The movie shows an 8-foot shark asking Simpson, making 3-inch scar below his left leg.

Simpson swam to his friends’ vessel, which required him to shore. The 23-year-old got 50 stitches in his knee in a clinic and is walking with crutches.

This is a shark’s natural instinct as a predatory fish. Simpson said sharks are “a superior hunter and I still love them.”

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