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Flower Garden Banks Scuba DiveIf I still lived in San Antonio I would try to get to Flower Garden Banks. Looks like a couple hours to the gulf. Wonder what the boat ride out would be like. It’s quite a ride, it is a liveaboard. I had scheduled it one time from Virginia. And we got blown out at the last minute, disappointed. But yeah, you spend the first night getting to the dive sites, that’s why I can try it again if I lived closer.

Canyon Lake either North Park or Skyline boat ramp, Comal River at Solms Park and Joe’s Place at Lake Medina are going to be your local spots. Spring Lake in San Marcos will require you to take a class to be part of the Scientific survey, but will have the best viz.

Lake Travis Scuba Dive San Antonio

You might like Lake Travis. The Army corps of engineers dammed up a bunch of rivers in Texas. I’ve forgotten the exact history but it’s online. There are a couple of groves of pecan groves at 130-150 ‘(depending on the drought / lake level) and no doubt other places. The last time I was there was a no-vis dive, just backscatter. Pretty lousy, too deep for air / nitrox and with the no-vis.

Lake Travis Scuba Dive San Antonio Certification

You may not consider this local but, Try to dive in Lake Travis several times. As someone who has dived a lot of Freshwater I enjoyed it. I did both Windy Point and two tanks with Lake Travis scuba off of the Giant Stride, and it was worth the weekend. But be careful in Lake Travis, it gets deep, visibility is often poor, and there are some submerged groves of trees that are a major entanglement hazard for the unwary.

Would be good to take te CCR down there from the sounds of it. I was in the Bay Area for 15yrs. I’m in Minneapolis now. Monterey is what made me want to get into Dry Suit – did it once in a 7mm and said never again!

scuba diving certification san antonio

Early this year I was back in a dry-suit with Aquarius Diver and loved it. Hope to get back there next month for some more around Coyote Point. We must have crossed paths at some point.

Make sure you already have a scuba certification, if not you can get it through a dive course in San Antonio by Dive World West

Dive World West
2110 West Avenue
San Antonio, Texas 78201

Dive World
2250 Thousand Oaks, Suite 212
San Antonio, Texas 78232

Good luck and enjoyed your dive.

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