Scuba Diving Tanks New Generation

airbuddy scuba diving tank

Looks like a good scuba diving tanks system to use when cleaning the bottom of a boat, but not much else. But then again you could say the same thing for all the gas powered compressors with hoes fed regulators already on the market. Nothing beats the freedom and flexibility of diving with tanks.

Maybe in shallow waters, three or five below the water surface. But I don’t think that it’s practical in “deeper waters” for several reasons. One of them would be that draggin that thing in 10 meters would be more limiting than a classic scuba diving oxygen tank. But most important one is what happens when the battery runs out of juice and you’re still in 10 meters. Is there like a warning or something?

Airbuddy claimed they are safe and very easy to use and I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone getting into trouble using one. The mouthpiece is just like a scuba type unit. You have a max depth limited by the length of hose. They are actually safer than scuba, because not as complicated, you don’t have the amount of gear to have to wear, and you can’t accidentally go beyond your depth. You don’t have to worry about filling bottles and thus these units are great on boats that sail extended journeys. Also excellent if you need to do an underwater repair, like remove a line from around the propeller and either don’t have dive hear or go through the issue of having to put it all on.
Scuba diving tanks New Generation
How deep can you scuba dive without decompression sickness ? From at 12m dive for 45 minutes is not impossible, though extremely unlikely. Getting lung over expansion trauma from breathing compressed air underwater at shallow depths without any form of buoyancy control is much more likely using this device.

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This is probably claim to replace scuba diving air tank. Peoples don’t seem to understand just how dangerous air pressure can be on your lungs. There’s a reason you have to get training on scuba diving. The lithium ion battery in this would have to be larger than most airlines allow to be checked.That would be a really big an awkward thing to lug in your carry on bag.

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The main concern here besides the obvious over expansion injuries is the compressor. Scuba air goes through some pretty serious filtration to get it safe to breathe, this presumably is pulling in air and compressing it but I can’t imagine it has a particularly good filtration system and I don’t know but I’d imagine the compression process is probably going to introduce some contaminants :/ People forget scuba safety starts before you even get in the water, always get your air, fill from someone certified, reputable.

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There’s a reason don’t do scuba diving without certification. It’s dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing; so this may be fine for an “in between” snorkel or scuba session this in no way replaces traditional scuba gear. What’s with all this invention trying to get rid of scuba gear ?

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