Scuba Diving Myrtle Beach Grand Strand, is There Sharks ?

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Scuba diving myrtle beach grand strand, is there sharks ? If every beach took aerial photos every day you would see many sharks and some very close to shore. That being said, they have always been there.

Maybe they can shift visitors. Myrtle Beach has become too commercial. The grand strand is pedestrian. The real experience in South Carolina is Charleston. A great deal of history and great beaches. Hilton Head and Savannah are great visits as well.

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They play up stuff like this every year! They must have been talking to the Charlotte Observer who delights in scaring off tourists! They want them to vacation at the NC beaches. Many alleged shark bites are false. Usually the bites come from blue fish. However, if people anywhere in the coastal area knew what was in the water with them, they wouldn’t go past their knees.

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In North Myrtle Beach. Sharks near the shore are rare. There is a large sandbar that makes it difficult for them to come in. When they do get in, it’s difficult for them to get back out. Last year after Hurricane Matthew we had about a week of shark scares. An eleven footer jumped out of the water and beached itself. Our life guard grabbed it by the fins and walked it out as far as she could, then swam it out to the sandbar and helped him get back out.

Never go out too far alone, and never get in the water with a fresh wound, as the blood would attract sharks, it’s best to always be cautious when swimming in the ocean. odds are good you’ve been swimming side by side with these animals, you just never saw them, and they were nice enough not to bother you.

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It’s no big deal. They are always around the 8-9 fishing piers on the grand strand. There a tons of signs telling people do not swim near the piers. They aren’t very big ones but still every single summer around a dozen people go in for stitches from shark bites. Every single time they were near or under the piers. More often than not it’s a kid and Mom/Dad are sitting on the beach (in clear view of the signs) and send their little ones into the water there. We never cease to be amazed, living in a resort town, how many people actually think vacation also includes scuba vacation and common sense.

Do you know that there are sharks that don’t attack people, right? 80% of sharks species(there are over 400 known) are harmless to humans, and much of that 20% are evoked attacks (meaning the diver/person did something).

Scuba diving in myrtle beach, searching for 14 foot Tiger Sharks that patrol the Myrtle Beach shipwrecks. Is thereĀ  a dive master and could offer scuba adventures? If you’re not sure if you can dive but will be 1st in the water!

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The Grand Strand has a variety of natural wrecks and artificial reefs. Coastal Scuba is the area leader in open boat dives and training. You can book or check their schedule or to find out about getting certified to dive, while on vacation. They also offer a Discover Scuba diving in myrtle beach option that allows you to get in the water, with a certified instructor at a fraction of the cost of certification.

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Well, I don’t swim in the ocean anyway. This is why. I like on an island surround by salt water, but I don’t go in unless I’m diving or snorkeling.

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