5 Qualified Scuba Diving Computer Watches, Under $200 USD

Looking for the scuba dive watches with a complete dive computer for freedom underwater and a multi-feature watch for timeless style on the surface ? Absolutely..
Within Affordable Price ? That’s what I want!!

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Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer
Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer

Mares Puck Wrist Dive Computer ($149.95)

  • Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Precautionary Program Settings
  • Nitrox Programmable (21-50%)
  • DEPTH: 492 feet
  • RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model)-algorithm

Only have 7 dives on this computer so far, but I’m happy with it. I was a little surprised that the factory installed battery was almost dead on arrival. I barely got to scroll through the features before I had to do a battery replacement. Not sure what the use of shipping with an almost dead battery is. In any case, battery replacement is relatively simple. The one button operation can be a bit slow and cumbersome, but I expected that going in. I do wish the computer would display the log book a bit longer while I’m trying to log dives, but overall, those are small complaints. I wish the computer had a bungee mount as the wrist strap isn’t well suited for thick wetsuits which compress at depth. The computer inevitably starts rolling around my wrist. I put a loop of bungee onto the strap and loop that over my wrist too. It helps keep the face forward. The display is a nice size with highly visible numbers. Displays everything I want to see and nothing extra which would clutter the display. Not too big, not too small. For the money, this is an excellent watch. If you’re on a budget, don’t hesitate to leap. If you do LOTS of diving, perhaps you can justify something pricier, but if you only get in a dozen dives a year, this is all you’ll likely need.


Pyle Scuba Diving Computer Watches

Pyle Waterproof Underwater ( $79.99 )

  • Water Depth
  • Resolution: 0.1 (0.1 ft.)
  • Range: 0 to 100 m (0 to 328 ft.)
  • Resolution: 1 C (1 F)
  • Range: -10 C to 60 C (14 F to 140 F)
  • Water Depth
  • Resolution: 0.1 (0.1 ft)
  • Range: 0 to 100 m
  • Resolution: 1°C (1°F)
  • Range: -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)

Works perfect out of the box. Shows the depth and temp. It also alerts you if you are ascending or descending and will also alert you if you are to fast up or down. It is waterproof 100 percent. It works during the night with light mode. It was a stopwatch and a timer and a alarm on it. It is bigger then expected. IT IS WORTH TO BUY IT FOR THAT PRICE.

Hands down this is the best bottom timer for the PRICE! I am an avid scuba diver and when my primary bottom timer broke I needed a backup quickly. This watch came to the rescue.

This worked very well. But, battery was flat, although they did include the spare. makes you wonder why it ships with one in and how long it’ll last…
Still, easy to use, changing battery is easy.

This is a simple dive watch which is perfect for me. I am only doing recreational dives. I have had this watch for a year gone 104 feet with it (I’m only open waters at this point) logged 21 dives. I have not had one problem, like I said I love it!

New AERIS A300 Scuba dive watches, Wrist Dive Computer
New AERIS A300

New AERIS A300 ( $199.95)


  • 3 Operating Buttons with intuitive
  • Switch between up to 3 Nitrox mixes to 100% O2 with individual PO2 alarms
  • Free Online Class Sold Separately
  • Powered by Dual Algorithm® with Deep Stop
  • 3 Operating Modes: Air/Nitrox, GAUGE (with run timer) and FREE (tracks calculations to allow switching between NORM and Free)

It’s a great little computer, and the only thing give a 5-star rating was the fact that it didn’t seem to hold the nitrox mix I set for it, but perhaps that’s the way it’s set up.

A bit bulky, but for the price, a very good basic dive computer. Conservatve algorithm, big numbers and easy to use.

Perfectly good litle computer with price nice to backup second computer.

great dive gear…..learning how to use it with the Video as we speak.


Suunto Zoop Novo Scuba dive watches Computer
Suunto Zoop Novo

Suunto Zoop Novo ($199.95)

  • Easy to use diver interface, easy to read screen
  • User changeable battery, built in dive planner, audible alarms
  • Air and nitrox up to 50%
  • RGBM algorithm
  • Suuntos entry level computer

I like the size, readability and fit. The backlight function make it suitable for occasional night dives. It covers all the needs for non professional diving. Initially I thought it would have been nice to also have the compass function, but then I realized that it would have cluttered the device. Compasses are cheap and widely available. Wearing a compass in addition to the Sunto Z Novo provides better reading of both instruments.

Nice computer for the money, I have used it on over 50 dives now and it tells me all I need to know to keep safe and have an enjoyable dive. My only complaint is that it doesn’t include the USB chord, and the price they charge to buy that is really outrageous. Otherwise, I am happy with this product. Definitely take the time to learn how to use it, my computer came with a link to an online course that was very useful.
Just returned from diving in Turks & Caicos. This dive computer was exactly what I needed. I’m not a very frequent diver — one to a few times a year — but I like to dive and this tracks everything a diver needs: depth, temp, ascent, descent, safety stops, no fly time etc. It is very simple to operate — you set it up once, verify the settings before you dive and it takes care of the rest. Coincidentally, the dive outfit I went with rents these same computers so I guessing their reliability is good, especially given the reasonable price.
Cressi Leonardo Scuba dive watches Computer
Cressi Leonardo

Cressi Leonardo ($199.95)

  • Single easy button
  • Audible Alarm
  • Larger digits for easy reading
  • Complete RGBM dive computer
  • Air and nitrox modes

My wife bought this for me before or vacation to Mexico to go diving. What a great little computer. I am a new diver and have no experience with computers but had zero issues with this Leonardo. It’s so simple to use but still had everything you need to make sure you are safe underwater.

This is a good dive computer. Very easy to use and the display is easy to see at depth. We dive often but not enough to need integrated air and other features, so this computer is about perfect for me – especially for the price. We bought two of these computers (his and hers) and the two colors came from two different vendors. The blue one that I’m reviewing came from Prime Scuba and it was noticably better packaged for shipping. I appreciated that, since we’re at an FPO and the mail often takes a beating.

Makes the diving experience so much easier! Easy to use and pretty much works for you – I really like the auto start function so when you go down around 3 feet below the surface it starts automatically and tracks all you need to know. It also tells you on your accent to do your safety stop and I really liked being able to see water temp and depth during my dives. It does have a cover over the screen so water gets behind it and dries so makes some spots but that is only an issue on the surface and not below and you need it so not to scratch the surface of the watch. I will not dive without a computer now and this one for the price is spot on! Great for entry level to more advanced but if you are a pro and want more info then maybe spend a lot more and get one with more features. I only dive on vacation and maybe every year or two.

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