Scuba Diving Certification St Louis

Scuba diving certification st louisScuba diving certification St Louis that allow for taking advanced certification before an open water diver has achieved decent competency. It is important to have a good grip on buoyancy and comfort level before taking on advanced diving. You may be confident, but that does not replace experience.

The great American diving company provide Scuba diving certification course at ST Luis such:

    • Open Water eLearning $199 / person includes all class & pool instruction, use of scuba rental equipment in the pool (not including personal scuba quality equipment – mask, snorkel, fins, boots or wetsuit) and all completion paperwork.
    • Each student is required to have a personal set of materials ($135 / set for traditional classroom students which includes student textbook, logbook, 2 disc DVD, SMB, equipment rebate coupon for $100) OR eLearning / touch materials ($252 / set for eLearning / touch access code, logbook, SMB, dive computer simulator access code, Online PIC certification card, equipment rebate coupon $100).
    • It’s only $135 / person (that’s a $20 savings over doing the Drysuit Diver course later) and includes a drysuit orientation session, one pool dive with the drysuit, use of the drysuit on all your open water dives and one additional open water dive.
    • This includes all 4 dives, scuba equipment rental for the weekend, admission to the dive site, air fills for the certification dives and certification fees.
    • DUI LogoDo all your training dives using a modern dry suit system and become dry suit certified the same weekend you do your Open Water Diver certification dives.
    • To finish your certification each student must complete 4 open water training dives with an instructor.
    • Each student is required to have their own personal scuba quality equipment including mask, snorkel, fins & boots (if necessary based on fin selection).

Scuba dive certification st louis

  • Each of our student material packages includes a $100 rebate coupon when you purchase at least 4 of the 5 items (mask, snorkel, fins, boots & wetsuit).
  • Louis) and open water dives (with us or on your vacation) you will become a safe diver.
  • Personal equipment that is not scuba quality or does not fit properly will not be permitted in class for safety reasons.
  • There’s no reason not to enjoy your open water dives as much as possible.
  • Drysuit divers dive more, enjoy their dives more and are warmer after the dive.
  • We have trained over 17,900 divers and our experience shows We are the ONLY dive shop in the area with our own pool and training center.
  • If you purchase your equipment elsewhere please bring it into one of our retail stores when you enroll to ensure that it fits properly and is scuba quality.
  • All class & pool sessions are held at our AquaCenter, eliminating the hassle of traveling between locations and transporting gear.
  • Through our professional staff and a combination of knowledge development (in class or online), skill development in our custom built pool (the only one like it in St.

PADI Scuba diving certification st louis

Website official:

4510 Central School Road
St. Charles, MO 63304
(636) 926-0880
(636) 926-0884 FAX

Dive learning is fun, Advance is all about diving. I would suggest a scuba tune up now to prepare for the trip. The Advanced dive course simply adds to your knowledge, experience and training. Deep and Navigation are required then I recommend Peak Performance Buoyancy and Night Dive as your electives. It will add to your experience a make you more confident. Many people go straight from OW to AOW. The liveaboard is perfect for getting this done. Just Do It!

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