Scuba Diving Amed Bali is Option For Dive Instructor That Inquire About Working in This Island

Scuba Diving Amed Bali

Scuba diving amed Bali it’s either amed area, nice and relaxed, or Sanur area, thoug they drive up north to dive also so lots of travel dive. You can do tec there is some dive centers there doing that. Indonesia usually you required to get a work permit, usually 50/50 (you pay half shop pays half) is around 1200$ a year, best bet just go there and shop around and see. As far as I know, no caves and most dives from shore.

Amed is quite relaxed, some shops let you freelance without, but problem if you get catched though. if you get a permanent position usually includes work permit. speaking french helps a lot, specially in amed else german or chinese very advantageous.

When i was there, quite a few ppl were looking, amed area lots of shops and usually kitas was included, without languages kinda hard as always and there was only 1 or 2 tec centers that i saw. make sure to bring enough spare stuff in amed you cant get anything, had to look rly hard to find a place to buy an SPG without going south to sanur, but living is super relaxed and nice in amed, diving is nice… you can fundive for like 2 bucks a tank if you just go on your own and just rent weights and tank.

Gili Trawangan dive center, Scuba Amed Bali

From Amed its only 1hr to gili and there find work for sure and nobody gives a crap about work permits, could check also penid or lembongan, not far away. In Gillis are more relaxed when it comes to freelancing without a kitas (I didn’t have one when I was there). However, immigration isn’t dumb and they know this. So they do an occasional surprise “raid” to catch illegal workers. And without a kitas you need to get a visa extension every month; after a few months of this, you become a red flag (even with a 6 month social visa). I was called into immigration and was interrogated about why I have been in Indonesia for so long. My story checked out but it became too stressful for me having to dodge immigration (the penalty is severe)…so I left. And unfortunately, there is no work in the dive industry for people who only know one language.

Scuba Diving Amed Bali is Option For Dive Instructor

Gili Trawangan dive center has the best idc in Indonesia with Holly. They also have tec diving and are a tdi center as well. Don’t think they’re looking for instructors right now but worth checking. All previous comments about kitas absolutely true and it can take up to 6 months to get kitas. Gili now has no instructors without kitas courtesy the whole crackdown.

For tech-diving in Bali, your options are also somewhat limited unfortunately, in scenery at least – but there are a few operations that offers it. I personally don’t really see the point of doing 50m+ dives just to go look at “nudibranches and sea-fans”, if you get what I mean – too much risk for too little gain IMHO.

Hope that helps, and have a nice stay in Bali!

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