Sandiego The Southern California Spearfishing Locations

southern california spearfishing WSB locations-minHunting white seabass in the deep blue of Sandiego is an interesting challenge in Southern California spearfishing locations, fishing The WBS is to mainstream, what about to shoot them in the deep ? WSB is still the main target in san diego spearfishing, famous for the persistent resistance when we are baiting them, so conquering it in the water will give a great sensation.

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Good season WSB spearfishing san diego during the months of June and early July, When the kelp seagrass are exposed to the wind, swells, and even red tide, there is  the perfect conditions to start white sea bass spearfishing, The beads laying between a mile off the beach, the currents can change depending on the wind and stronger.

southern california spearfishing locations-min

First.. looking for the ideal kelp beads, once you got to a spot that looked good, go dive and you will saw the Big White Sea Bass. When you have shot the fish, remember that the WSB will provide strong resistance, but that put up a good fight. Good deal to choosing the size of the fish you are worth, especially if you are the beginner. Read spearfishing gear for beginners here.

southern california spearfishing locations, spearfishing san diego, san diego spearfishing-min

What about spearfishing san diego laws ? Or what about to make a deal with the beginner ? There is spearfishing tours packages as san diego spearfishing charter like La ​Jolla Water Sports

Tour Comes With:

7ft JBL aluminum Pole Spear

Long Blade Free Diving Fins

Low Volume Free Diving Mask and Snorkel

Spearfishing Gloves


Dive Belt and weight

10% Discount on any new gear instore

​All dives are lead by one of experienced spearfishing guides ,

FII Freediver , Certified Fish and Wildlife Guides.

Tour Covers:

​* Importance of the buddy system

​* Shallow Water Black Out Prevention and Awareness

​* Recovery Breathing

​* Freediving Techniques

​* Breath Hold Techniques

​* California Fishing Regulations and size limits

* How to hunt the fish

​* Where to Sho0t the fish

​* Proper use of a polespear

​* Spearfishing Gear

Or find spearfishing store San Diego at James and Joseph that provide you the premier gear of spearfishing shop in  San Diego.


Not only the the WSB, you can find and hunt another fish’s like black sea bass, calicos, barracuda, and mackerel in San Diego spearfishing spots. Get ready, they’re waiting your action..

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