Rob Allen Spearguns to Easy Used

rob allen spearguns

Rob Allen Spearguns founded by Robin Allen. His born in 1958, Rob spent his lives as a fisherman off the coast of South Africa. At 22, while doing jobs for the Natal Sharks Board, Rob decided his live to get in the deep, this experience changed his life as well! It answered a million questions he had about the habits of fish, their actions and reactions and the undersea environment in general.

Like most spearfisher, Rob was constantly trying new things and modifying his equipment to perform better and eventually began developing his own guns. During this period, Rob was working as a marine ranger while living at Cape Vidal. Here he was able to listen to different ideas and experiences from the many experienced freediving spearfishing who came to Cape Vidal for the big game fish it had to offer. From these frequent encounters and dive opportunities, Rob was able to test new ideas on the spot.

By South African standards, Rob’s first guns were much bigger than the norm and many divers thought of the guns as too big and too long. Once the equipment was in the water it was a different story – very good fish were taken at long range. Very soon, Rob was spending every spare moment building spearguns. Eventually in 1988, unable to keep up with the two jobs, he decided to take the plunge and went into building spearfishing gun and accessories commercially.

Rob allen spearguns is awesome railgun !! The only thing is that the screw it is supposed to be used to attach the line guide to the gun does not fit in the hole!!! It is too big for it. And the head of the screw that comes originally in the gun is not big enough to grab the guide.

However, depending on what type of fish you will be shooting you may want to look into some accessories such as float lines and floats. If you new to the sport, just look into techniques spearfishing gear for beginners, and then just get the new set of bands. (don’t get bigger bands, get same size, just new set), If you feel the bands come pretty tight, this is normal, pretty hard pull the bands back past the halfway point ( at the first time maybe ). The original bands got replaced by the other set of original bands and a lot of fish got killed since then. Must be just mistaken mixture to make them. Drove me nuts to see girls and kids loading their guns on youtube LOL..

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