Roatan Dive Resorts All Inclusive, The Paradise of honduras Scuba Diving


Roatan Dive Resorts All Inclusive, The Paradise of honduras Scuba Diving-min

Roatan dive resorts is incredible.. Dive all around the island and feel the sensation  Utila honduras scuba diving. Roatan and Utila rank at the top of dive destinations in the Caribbean and both benefit from all sorts of tourism.

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If diving is not for you then you can snorkeling right off the beach in Sansy bay roatan honduras area. It’s muh island! Watch the whole thing! It’s coconut tree divers. And the marine park I volunteered at. Look at the lil sail boat with people swinging off the rope. Snorkeling off the beach, water was crystal clear and was one of the most memorable and beautiful snorkeling experiences that you will ever had, ran into a blackish / purple jellyfish too.

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Unfortunately Honduras is blanketed with trash and litter. It’s strewn about from the cruise ship port almost all the way to the tourist beaches. Some of that trash is surely blown into the ocean. It would be a shame if the cruise ship industry keeps destroying our ocean environments and acting as parasites on all of the host countries that are visited. End cruise tourism now.
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Yes it is a country that is receiving a huge benefit from scuba diving cruises caribbean ship dollars. It is a much quieter after 3 pm and luckily ships have low seasons so they are not there everyday. The local populace in both countries would benefit from a more eco friendly mindset when it comes to litter both on land and in the water.
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Notice how virtually all the hard coral surfaces are dead and covered with macro algae. it didnt used to be this way and the dead hard coral zone extends now from about panama to bermuda. the soft corals still seem to be thriving but the hard coral is entirely different from when i was a kid. it almost all died quite suddenly in the early 80’s. problem is most young people today dont know what a caribbean coral reef used to look like. it is an environmental disaster of incomprehensible proportions.
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Wouldn’t visiting the reef overt there cause more damage? Considering the boats, gas, oil is the most destructive being on the caribbean coral reefs?
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Conservation at Roatan try to live it one day at a Time I’d love to drop everything go there for a while !

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