Prescription Diving Mask for Scuba Diving Simulator

Prescription Diving Mask for Scuba Diving Simulator

Underwater VR Headsets is prescription diving mask are not an exceptional invention in the world of technology, but these are amazing finds that are helpful for scuba diving, especially for those of you who want to experience the sensation of coral reefs under the sea without worry about risk diving.

Stephen Greenwood and Allan Evans are the creators of this product. Greenwood working in digital production for Discovery and Evans is a CTO and one of the founders of Avegant Glyph. They invite UploadVR to try HMD underwater, and obviously a VR headset that works under water, pretty awesome..


Yes this is a virtual world of scuba diving which is also useful as a visualization tool and scuba diving simulator. Certainly very useful for those of you who have not dared to do a real scuba diving, or not yet qualify to become a diver.

I also can not deny that out there are many people who love scuba diving but do not have the soul of scuba diving. Yes they just want to satisfy their hearts to enjoy the underwater world, but there is no soul to preserve the underwater ecosystem. I think this tool is perfect for them, than they really dive and ultimately damage the coral reefs.

I do not know yet whether this gadget has been marketed to the public or is still in the stage of refinement, but obviously I really appreciate this finding, it’s very helpfully guys!

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