Pole Spear Fishing Easy Tips and Go Ahead

The Best Pole Spear Fishing
Pole Spear Fishing, you never got excited about fishing with a pole spear, but fishing with a spear is something completely different. It’s not about a big catch but it’s fun all the same. Just brush up on your social skills and you all ready for survivor!!

Some of the old spearos will tell you to use a polespear when you first get started in spearfishing. Pole spear fishing tips here are some tips We put together from my limited knowledge and observations.

The best pole spear fishing for beginners

If you are smooth enough to dive and swim ? Chose the best pole spear fishing, my suggestion is Pole spear Riffe 6ft 3 pieceI use the Riffe – 6′ Three Piece Carbon Fiber Pole Spear. Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear with 3 Prong Barb SS Paralyzer, This is a good pole spear for beginner.

They are made the stretched band wrap around the pole spear distributing the force so it won’t bow. Cheap pole spear fishing for beginners I went for the expensive pole spear because We already knew We was in love with this sport.

Pole Spear Fishing

How to aim a pole spear

– When you see a fish around you and with your peripheral vision see where it’s going then.

-Plan your approach, use rocks, kelp, or any structure to conceal your movement.

-For example if you see a fish and dive on it but your surface entry is “loud” the fish will spook.

-Don’t waste your good work, At the end of a dive don’t rush to the surface.

-In this case working on a silent, smooth surface entry to get you within polespear range will serve you well later when you use a speargun.

This is great advice not only for spearfishing beginners but for experienced spear fishermen and women. Wanna be a better Spearo? Put down the spear gun and pickup a pole spear.

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