Maui scuba diving and Points of Interest as One of The Best Island in Hawaii

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So many maui scuba diving spots ! Molokini, Mekena, Koki, Fleming, Pa’ako Cove, North Ka’anapali Beach, Little Beach and Po’olenalena. Maui is home for huge of coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, and another marine biotas, or just snorkelling with humpback whales. Yes! That is paradise for dive lovers.

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Not difficult to find maui diving scuba center, you can rent diving gear, hire a dive instructor, or choose a dive tour package that suits your budget. For those of you who do not have diving experience, do not worry, here you can get scuba diving certification as well.

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Maui points of interest

Have you ever been to Hawaii? Somebody need to pinch himself cause it’s really happening. So excited to fly to a little paradise in Maui, Hawaii, it’s such a beautiful magical place. So many fun things to do there from scuba diving, snorkeling, to zip-lining, kayaking, it’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime!

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When you are in the mainland, don’t forget to check out the seven sacred pools of Ohe’o and do some waterfall jumping.. We always recommend that when friends come to visit. Enjoy your time there! Lots to do, lots of culture.

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After traveling the world and seeing how some communities treat their beaches, it’s nice to see a place that allows public access to every beach and keeps them relatively clean.

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Ka’anapali is one of a bit too crowded beach. Parking is expensive and it’s hard to find a spot on the beach. Mekena big and small are awesome. But the water at big beach is rough. Kam II is another fav. Very laid back.

Remember to connect with the locals that live on Maui… It’s much much different from the touristy hurrah HVB presents, we are very rich in history and culture here. Still, it’s great to be home again, until next time.

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Maui truly is a paradise on earth…so beautiful!! Petroglyphs, waves, sand, surfers, sea turtles, snorkeling, scuba diving, colorful tropical fish on the coral reefs, luau, Hawaiian history, and flowers.. Flowers everywhere! Sharing all that and much more.  Aloha!!

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