Lombok Diving Season for Favorite Snorkeling Locations

Lombok Diving Season, Lombok is a natural island that was applauded by the tourists who come to visit. The natural beauty beach, dyke, and Mount Rinjani is well known everywhere. What about the diving spot ? That awesome.. For you water sports lovers such as snorkeling and diving, Tramena Gili (Trawangan Meno Air) be the best choice. Where are the best spots for snorkeling or diving in Lombok ? Here they are:

Spot Snorkeling in Lombok Barat

Rows of beautiful bund at Area Tourism Gili Rengit Sekotong, Gili Layar, Gili Asahan, Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis.

Gili Rengit. Rengit means mosquitoes in Sasak language. When the rainy season arrives, there are many mosquitoes in several corner of the island. Activities that you can do in Gili Rengit are swimming, snorkeling, fishing on the dock, you can spend your time with your friends or family between of the trees while enjoyed the sunshine. Dive to the waters of Gili Rengit will see a yellow dock from a distance as a sign that we’ve arrived. The island is also uninhabited, I think is owned by investors from Bali where the facility bar, restaurant, entertainment stage, dock and a temple building is located in the middle of the island. The rumor is the island will be crowded at certain times when the owners have a party with a group of local and foreign tourists that cross from Bali. But do not worry, this dyke is open also to the public.

Gili Layar A small island with a stunning panorama of nature and the underwater scenery that can not be missed for the snorkeling maniac. Here the large colorful coral reefs and fish. Fishing activities seem to be a favorite activity here. Almost in every corner of the spots for the angler. Gili screen is unpopulated, hilly contours with leafy trees at the edge of the island. There is a tomb on a hill top middle part of the island which is the tomb of an Daeng (Figures Bugis). Bugis is known as an accomplished seaman, get to Lombok also their fishing.

Gili Asahan. Gili is also known for its underwater beauty. Various beautiful coral reefs, fish and marine life as well as strong currents make many divers (diver) was challenged to dive in the area. There are many service providers who definitely recommend diving guide you to visit diving spot in West Lombok this. For those who want to stay, there is an inn named Pearl Beach Resort which has facilities and services like a hotel. In addition to snorkeling and diving, tourists who stay overnight can also watch the sunrise in the morning is almost perfect tinge of light. Relaxing on the porch resort room or hanging in a hammock favors can also be enjoyed in the quiet of this island.


Snorkeling Spot in North Lombok

Beach Pandanan, Kecinan Beach, Coastal Mentigi, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Nipah beach, beach Pandanan, Kecinan beach, and the beach Mentigi located in the northern row of Senggigi tourist area. Sign the border area between West Lombok regency and North Lombok regency.

Meno Wall. Snorkeling spot this one is not far from Gili Trawangan. Located in the western part of Gili Meno. The spot is quite within approximately 18 meters. In the vicinity there are trenches that holds diverse marine life is awesome.

Coral Garden. The location is located in the northern part of Gili Trawangan. The spot is quite shallow so colorful coral clearly visible. This place serves a variety of interesting fish.

Ship Wrek. Snorkeling spot is located in the southwest of Gili Meno. Which became its appeal, there is a sinking ship for a long time. The carcasses ship overgrown beautiful coral reefs.


Gili Kondo. One more Gili (small island) in Lombok precisely in East Lombok were starting to become a favorite of tourists. Many crossings, it could from Criminal Beach, Gili Lights, or Pier Padak boat Guar with varying prices, to be strong bargaining and select the existing formal insurance (life jackets available) for safety.

Gili Bidara. Located between the ship and Gili Gili Kondo, exactly opposite the Gili Kondo. Gili Bidara is the island with the majority of the inhabitants are fishermen. Gili is usually worn by fishermen only for a stopover while resting after fishing. Usually the fishermen make a bedek home protected from the sun and vacant land planted potatoes in this dyke.

Gili Petagan. Located not far from Gili Bidara and Gili Kondo. The island is seen most large and spacious, filled with mangrove plants. So often called Pulau Bakau. Rows of mangrove adorn almost every corner of the island that exudes its own charm. Mangrove plant is first planted by the Armed Forces of Japan at the time to the island of Lombok and used for defense. Costs here with a package of other bund crossed from the pier in the park area in the village of Gili Lights Padak Guar Sambelia District of East Lombok.

Gili Petelu. A small island that is often referred to as the Three Gili. In appearance there was indeed a dyke adjacent 3 in one area. Towards Gili Petelu able to cross the sea through the Port of Tanjung Affairs or on the beach Pink Tangsi. The uniqueness of Gili Petelu include a coral island that the width not much, contour hilly with a view cool of the above, there is such a gulf with the sea water is clear and calm waves so travelers feel like swimming in a private form of sand-like grains of pepper and white. Very fun swimming, snorkeling around the coral reefs Gili Petelu see and feel the thrill of snorkeling accompanied children cute shark.

So spot which would be your choice for favorite snorkeling locations?

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