Labengki Island, Treasure of Indonesia Scuba Diving


Hmm.. Indonesia.. We are always amazed with the beauty  ocean with a thousands of islands. Now we talk about Sulawesi, Sulawesi has a beautiful and charming island. Many cool places in Sulawesi, have you heard Labengki Island ? You shoud to know about this treasure paradice to find the best scuba diving locations.

The island is located in North Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi Province. What is interesting about this island?


Name Island Labengki probably still very unfamiliar for us doesn’t like Bali or Raja Ampat that already famous. However, foreign taste will have no meaning if the beauty is already talking. Labengki Island is an island is one of the best place in the world to scuba dive. The island serve the beauty underwater world may be pitted with other places in Sulawesi such as Wakatobi to Bunaken

Points of rest, because the Labengki island not too popular, you can be proud of ourselves because had visited a place that anti-mainstream and not everyone knows.


Labengki island itself is an island uninhabited. There are about 100 families who lived on this island all of which are Bajo. The island can be reached from several points in Southeast Sulawesi among others Kendari, Konawe, or North Konawe. To go to this island takes about 3.5 hours by motorboat. It should be noted that the island Labengki not been managed as a tourist top dive destinations so if you want to get there you need special preparation. For example, setting up a boat rental. If you do not want to be bothered, you can use the services of tour operators as a guide to the island Labengki.


Labengki Island also no lodging. The visitors usually spend the night in people’s homes or tents. Residents on the island Labengki quite welcome to the arrival of the tourists. They gladly invite tourists to stay overnight without specific rate peg that’s be cheap diving destinations.


If you are lucky, the journey to the island Labengki we will encounter dolphins that swim with a cheerful open sea. They seemed to accompany our journey to the island Labengki


Labengki island is also a habitat of types of clam (giant clam), among others T maxima, T derasa, T squamosa, crocea T, T kimaboe, Hippopus-hippopus, and Hippopus porcellanus. Kima is a rare animal that normally live at depths of about 20 meters on the Labengki island, they would hide behind of corals.


There is a pretty interesting place on the Labengki the bay when viewed from above looks like a heart. Many then call this place as the Gulf of Love. This bay can be accessed approximately 20 minutes from the Bajo Island settlement of Labengki. The area around the Gulf of Love, there are a lot of coral islands. When viewed from a cliff that is around there, the landscape at first glance similar in Raja Ampat. To the extent that some are calling a miniature of Raja Ampat diving liveaboard, read more about Raja Ampat diving liveaboard here.


As elsewhere in the territorial waters of Sulawesi Island Labengki also a snorkeling and diving spot that is quite tempting. Although the underwater scenery does not complete the Wakatobi, Taka Bonerate or Bunaken Island, Labengki remains the ideal destination for snorkeling and diving lovers. Labengki island also has a variety of coral reefs as well as the types of fish that is doesn’t found elsewhere. The area around the Gulf of Love used to be a favorite place for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the underwater island Labengki.


Lets bring the best wetsuit for diving and lets make the air bubles.

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