How to Find an Obvious Crack of Kayak and Seal it?

How to Find an Obvious Crack of Kayak and Seal it

The kayak takes on a little bit of water every time paddled. How to find an obvious crack and how to seal the whole bottom of the boat?

If it happens when paddling it is just the water run off down your paddling it is normal if you want to avoid this than get a sea spray skirt for your body and it attaches to the cockpit of your kayak for a sit inside kayak.

Or you can pulled out our foot peg sliders and when we put them back on, we used silicone to seal them up as some water was getting in that way. There was no obvious hole like your situation.

If it’s getting into the watertight compartments and you can’t find a hull breach, you could have a leaky bulkhead letting water through from the cockpit. It’s shocking the amount of water you can take on just under normal conditions.

Kayak Hole Repair

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You can see on youtube video how to repair the hole of kayak here.

You could probably get away with putting a bead of silicone caulk around the edge of the bulkhead if it’s a separate part from the hull. If it’s integral to the hull or if you have a hull breach, you’re going to have to find where the leak is and either plastic weld it or patch it with fiberglass and the same resin your boat was made with (usually polyester, sometimes epoxy) depending on whether it’s plastic or fiberglass / kevlar.

Or if you have a sink. This is how you do s leak test. Buy food coloring, add it to a 5 gal. Bucket. Place your boat across several supports, then fill the hull with the mix then look for leaks underneath.

You can used waterproof repairs Pre-thickened

Did you drill any accessories in your yak pull them and reseal with marine grade silicone also if you have any hatches go to pool store and pick up a tube of jack lube and put a thin layer on seals.

A lot of folks paddling with drip rings in a bad position. If part of the paddle shaft on the inside of the ring gets wet, you’ll be putting water in your boat. Moving the rings more toward the center will correct this problem.

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