Great White Shark Conservation, Incredible Friendship With Diver Captured

Great White Shark Conservation, Incredible Friendship With Diver Captured

I’m wondering who is the diver ? From the photo detail seems she is a female, I guess.. whoever she is, she had extraordinary courage. What a stunning White.. one experience I’m sure that’s at the top of the best ones in her life.

The white shark has a reputation as the most dangerous marine predators in the World. But how do you know about this hunter? Sharks have already inhabit and roam the waters more than  400 million years. Great white shark belongs to the family of mackerel sharks. Most sharks are solitary hunters. Sharks will only join the group when the mating season or during migration. Approximately 48% of prey were hunted the great white shark killed and ended with a meal of this predator, white shark usually targeting prey such as seals, sea lions, fish, dolphins and small.

But, do you know? In some Asian countries, many served as a shark’s fin soup. This makes a lot of sharks captured thus endangering its sustainability. In some countries the hunt for the great white shark is still in progress in masive. In fact, the shark population is already quite vulnerable due to the pattern of slow reproduction.

Great White Shark Conservation

Why sharks are a very important role in marine ecosystems and coral reefs ?

In marine ecosystems, sharks serve as top predators (top predator). This role can not be underestimated. The existence of a shark very bepengaruh on the health of ecosystems into the cartilaginous animal habitats. As top predators, these fish ‘duty’ to maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem. He preys on fish to ensure conditions remain healthy ecosystems and fish remain abundant.

Ecologically, the shark will eat other fish that are sick or elderly and infirm. This behavior makes the function of the presence of sharks in marine aquatic ecosystems and coral reefs to be vital.

Sharks indirectly help prevent the spread of disease carried by fish sick or elderly and infirm who devour, and ensure conditions remain healthy ecosystem.

The extinction of sharks could have a major impact. “Shortly after the extinction of sharks, fish stocks such as tuna and grouper that became prey to sharks will increase. This may seem ‘seductive’. However, this is precisely the problem.

The increase in the population of tuna and grouper will disrupt the food chain. The population of prey under the tuna, and grouper will be exhausted in a short time and in the end both the fish populations will become extinct as a result of lack of food. In other words, these ecosystems are experiencing collapse.

This threat must be stopped. If allowed, the shark population is feared to be extinct.

Shark Conservation for the marine life future.

Therefore, in some countries is being intensified great white shark conservation, just as in Australia, South Africa, and Mexico.Based on the research results, a shark life that serve as the object of tourism economic value is much higher than the sharks will die due to be taken fins. What about my country? Indonesia choose to make the shark as a commodity of life to support tourism from the kill to get their fins.

Raja Ampat Shark Conservation

Through local legislation, the Government of Raja Ampat have now determined the protection of shark species. They will work with tribal governments to keep the fauna. Raja Ampat for local governments, protecting sharks means maintaining the beauty of Raja Ampat and tourism potentials. Expanding support on shark conservation means care for the tourism economy and the local community the opportunity to rise.

Entertainment with a positive impact on the shark conservation

In 2003, Disney and Pixar released the movie about a clown fish (clownfish) which is separated from his father. In the film there are three sharks who said that, “Fish are friends, not food. “The third shark is Anchor (a Scallop Hammerhead), Bruce (a Great White Shark), and Chum (shortfin Mako Sharks). The film is titled Finding Nemo.

The San Jose Sharks are an ice hockey team in California. Only this is the only team sport that uses the name “shark”.

Maybe it was just limited to films and sports teams, but it will have a major impact on the concern of the people to the sharks extinction, especially the kids.

I’m glad evidently the great white shark grow better in this decade, this video proved the huge white shark in deep blue.


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