Fast Growing Corals for Marine Conservation Projects

Fast-Growing-Corals-for-Marine-Conservation-Projects-minFor fast growing corals these could be planted in areas where the sunlight conditions would be right, but the ocean would be cooler at higher latitudes than where they are dying out now, and start new coral reefs that might survive global warming.

There is no way to predict global temperatures into the future that statement is a statement of ignorance We guess the science and historical knowledge of reciprocal changes are disregarded. We can predict a hundred years into the future wtf is wrong with these people. It’s great they can expedite coral growth stick that and leave your crystal ball at home or turn it into a bowling ball.

If we are able to restore the reefs to a healthy condition like these are off the coast of the sea is going to be a much healthier place. One thing that l did notice which concerned me …was the slick of tiny coloured plastic beads floating over the reef. These beads come from the deteriation of the floation ‘noodles ‘ thousands of visitors to the reef are using every day. What effect is this having on the fish and coral as they injest this plastic. We need to address this problem ASAP.

One of marine conservation projects is simulating future ocean conditions to ascertain what species will fluorish is a brilliant use of technology. While the reefs would perhaps look different than those today in terms of species composition, the services they provide would be preserved.

The waning of coral for some time. Ann the regrow he only a few years. Of course the cell growth in coral can be looked at as a cure for cancer. Besides that the scientist also discovered how bone can be regenerated by dead coral .Coral has the same components as bone. It can be used in all kinds of broken bones, screwed in, and your bone regenerates filling in the open pockets of the coral. Your bone becomes stronger. So facinating what we can learn from the ocean and its creatures!

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