Why Diving in North Carolina is Always a Gamble ?

Olympus Scuba diving in North CarolinaTo do some wreck diving in North Carolina is fantastic but there’s pretty much always the risk of trips being cancelled due to sea conditions unfortunately. This is the worst year in a long time for blow outs. It is NC diving. If you come here with hopes of diving have a back up plan with your family.

wreck diving in North Carolina

Diving in NC is always a gamble. It can get very bad real fast off our coast and some of the best captains run the dive boats around here and will cancel even at the dock for safety. Wear a 7mm suit, water was relatively warm, don’t remember the exact temp. Some mild current on a few wrecks, make sure to stick to the down line on the way to the wreck, the wreck surfaced 500yds from the boat.

Look up Olympus Dive Center, the’re plenty hotel around. Olympus is one of the best shops around. Hope you can enjoy their wrecks! Looking for a 3 bedroom home away and air bnb tend to be more expensive for the same places if you can find a local number. I have been looking more at home away and air bnb for a house for the non divers.

Olympus diving Shop in North Carolina

Talked to olypmus yesterday and they said it’s the captain s discretion, depending on weather and how many other boats are in particular spots. They acted like huricane Emily hasn’t effected them, but obviously I don’t want to drive 20hrs for them to call it off. It’s looks like they are on the mainland and not part of the outer banks, so they should be good to go. Parts of the outer banks has been without power for a week now and could be out another week.

Unfortunately, but unerstadably, Olypmus told us due to only being able to dive during the week and not having ocean boat diving exerpience, we wouldn’t be able to dive. they said given the current conditions we wouldn’t be allowed to dive without doing the half day first which is only done on the weekends not weekdays.

Diving with Discovery Diving in Beaufort, NC. Great people and a pleasure to dive with. As far as accommodations, there are tons of Airbnb places at resonable prices in the area.

Discovery Diving in Beaufort, NC

Try Siebert Realty, they cover outer Banks and sand bridge in va. If they do not cover emerald isle they should be able to recommend someone. We have used siebert for Just got home from work this morning and thought I’d turn to our social media friends to see if they had anymore good info.

Siebert Realty NC Banks

The Bask is very close to Olympus and they’re great guys to go out with. You’ll have a great time and a 5mm should be good for you. Is there anything close to emerald isle for lodging for the family since thier not divers?

Emerald Isle will have more family activities, the nc aquarium is fun, but in Morehead there are lots of neat shops, but not a lot of activities. There is usually live music right outside the bask on the weekend too.

I got the same story, Discovery Diving was so much more accommodating. Be there in the morning of the September 11th and 12th.The water temp will be in the mid 70’s on the surface and at 120 feet . I have done this 5 times and only wore a shorty. But Olympus is the best charter in the area.


If you have not certified, don’t forget to get it by following the course dive in there. Any other info that would be helpful?

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