Cave Diving florida Ginnie Springs

Cave Diving florida Ginnie SpringsGinnie springs is 5 hours from hollywood beach, the cave diving Florida as underwater cave diving paradise, especially at this spring and others nearby every summer. Good times to cave diving in Florida. Where is ginnie springs cave map. Looks alot like the place we used to go called devil’s eye cave.

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Florida caves and springs was a cool place to camp, as cave divers and camp so you could camp for the weekend, scuba dive for 3 days and get 6 tokens for air fills for $69.00 those days are long gone. It has become more moder.
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You can rent a tube or canoe and start at one of their many springs and float down the Santa Fe River a little bit, putting in at other springs in the park. Yes, there are alligators in the river because you’re in Florida, but I’ve never seen one in the springs and the alligators in the river stay away from people. That said, don’t swim at night when they feed.
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From the reviews I read, Went spring break time, lots and lots and lots of parties, All night, and train horns, all day! FYI ! If you want peace and quiet, go during the week. Weekends and holidays is said to be full of loud, drunken college kids.
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For me it’s not about being 90 degrees at night it’s how my family prepares meals while at Ginnie Springs.

Looking forward to being there, soon, hopefully soon! go a little deeper and take another scuba dive picture.

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